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March 24

Electroverse Easter Zap Hunt!

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With the flowers blooming and bees buzzing, spring is most definitely around the corner and do we have a competition for you!

This Easter, Zap and his friends have hidden in five different charge points around the Electroverse Website map! If you’d like to win some Electroverse credit for your Easter EV road trips this year, the search for the Easter Zaps starts (and ends!) on Good Friday.

Want to learn what you could win this Easter season? Have a read below for rules and a few hints on where to find the Zap easter eggs!

Let’s get plugged in…

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When does the Easter Zap Hunt commence?

The competition will take place on Good Friday - 29th March!

You can start your search at 10:00am (GMT), with the competition closing at 18:00pm (GMT). 

Winners will be announced on Electroverse X, Facebook and Instagram in the following days!

How much charging credit can I win?

Each Zap found is worth £10 in Electroverse credit!

Once you have found the “Winner” Easter Zap, within the charge point, your job is done. You will automatically receive credit into the account on which you discovered Zap!*

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*There are 5 Zap easter eggs to be found - each worth £10 charging credit. Players are restricted to ‘finding’ a maximum of 1 easter egg.

Where is Zap hidden?

No, it’s not that easy - we’re not going to simply tell you! There are just a couple bits of important information for you to remember:

  1. The Electroverse Easter Zap Hunt is only on the Electroverse website map* - Zap didn’t sneak into the app this time! - so make sure you’re logged into the website.

  2. Make sure to filter the map to Electroverse partners only! Zap is hidden within Electroverse compatible charge points, so once you’ve worked out the correct location, simply tap on the charge point and Zap will appear.

  3. There are five Zap Easter eggs to be found, and these are dotted all across the globe. Don’t limit the search to your own country!

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*Heading onto the website via a desktop will be the easiest way to spot a Zap!

How can I find a Zap Easter egg?

Clues will be revealed from 10:00 GMT on Electroverse X, Facebook and Instagram, helping you narrow down your search! 

Don’t panic - if by 16:00, some of the Zaps still haven’t been found, further hints may be released…

How will I know I have found a Zap Easter egg?

When you tap into a charge point hiding an Easter egg, Zap will appear with a “Winner” banner, confetti will fly and the credit will automatically be added to your account!

If you find a Zap with a banner that says “Already claimed”, another Electroverse customer  has beaten you to it - but don’t give up! Head back to our socials to check for more clues and hints.

Electroverse Easter Zap Hunt - T&Cs

  1. This competition is open to any Octopus Electroverse customer from 10:00 - 18:00, 29/03/2024 GMT.

  2. The Electroverse Easter Zap Hunt is only on the Electroverse website map - not the Electroverse app. Make sure you’re logged into your Electroverse account via the web, else you won’t find any Zap Easter eggs

  3. Zap is only hidden within charge points compatible with Electroverse. Make sure you’ve filtered the map for Electroverse-only chargers.

  4. The charging credit amount can not be transferred to any other Octopus accounts, nor can it be reimbursed to any bank account.

  5. One Zap can be found per user, any Zaps found after the first will appear as ‘Already Claimed’.

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Feeling enlightened or do you think something was missing? Let us know by sharing your feedback.

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