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Public Charging Made Simple

More than 769,244 EV chargers work with Electroverse. Join for free today!
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Easily find and start a charge

The Electroverse card and app give you one-tap access to hundreds of thousands of chargers across the UK & Europe.

Plus, you can plan charging routes to any destination and tailor the experience to your EV.

Detailed information

Speed, live availability, facilities. All the information you need to decide where to charge your EV.

Clear pricing

Rates are provided by the charge point operators, and where possible, we add exclusive discounts.
The latest pricing for each charger is always available in the app.

With you on your journey

Easily navigate to chargers with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, plus support for the next generation of in-car apps.

The Octopus EV ecosystem

Electroverse is free to join for everyone.

If you’re also with Octopus for your home energy supply, you’ll have the option to pay for your public charging with your home electricity bill, plus access to discounts with certain EV tariffs.

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Your Octopus account automatically works with Electroverse: simply log in and start charging

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You’ll have the option to link your home energy & public charging bills for the ultimate simplicity

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Intelligent Octopus Go and Octopus Go customers receive an 8% and 5% discount respectively on all charging through Electroverse

Frequently asked questions

Which operators are currently partnered with Electroverse?
How much does charging on Electroverse cost?

Electroverse is working hard to keep charging costs down for EV drivers.

The rates reflected on the Electroverse network are provided by the charge point operators, and where possible, we add exclusive discounts! We also never charge any subscription or transaction fees. This means a low-cost and convenient public charging service for you.

The latest pricing for every network and each specific charging point is displayed in the Electroverse app.

Good to know: Occasionally, rates might differ when charging with CPOs directly. The rate you see in the Electroverse app is the rate you will be charged.

How do I use Electroverse?

Once you've signed up we'll pop an Electrocard in the post to you. With the card, you're able to start a charge on any Electroverse compatible charger just by tapping.

You can find all compatible locations and a wealth of useful charger information by downloading the Electroverse app, and by exploring our web map.

You can also manage your account, payment details, Electrocards and more through the app.

We're in the process of rolling out in-app (i.e. digital) charging across partner chargepoints too - another reason to check out the Electroverse app!

Do I have to be with Octopus Energy for my home energy supply?

No! We want charging to be as simple as possible for every EV driver in the UK, whether you're with Octopus Energy for your home energy supply or not.

If you are on supply with us at home, any charges on Electroverse will be added to your Octopus home energy bill (though you can choose to pay with a separate card if you prefer, too).

If you're not on supply with us, we'll ask you to add your preferred payment card and send you a single bill for your public charging only.

Good to know: there are no subscriptions or transactions fees when using Electroverse. We will only ever take payment for public charging usage.

Are there benefits to Electroverse as an Octopus Energy customer?

There are several benefits available to Electroverse drivers who are also Octopus Energy home customers:

  • The option to conveniently pay for public charging through your home energy bill, with no setup required: simply log in with your Octopus Energy account

  • Octopus Go customers receive a 5% discount off all public charging through Electroverse

  • Intelligent Octopus Go customers receive an 8% discount off all public charging through Electroverse