Global charging access with Electroverse APIs

Access 725,324+ public chargers and create the charging experiences of the future for your EV drivers - Electroverse APIs are ready to power your connected vehicles and charging platforms across the globe.

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The full public EV charging experience

We bring together everything needed to create a slick EV charging experience, with vast charging coverage.

Surface dynamic charger data, start & stop charging sessions remotely, manage access and payment, and enable Plug and Charge - all through your own customer interface.

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Charge across the world

Octopus unifies the vast, growing charging infrastructure across Europe and the world, with a central view of access, tariffs, and charger information.

Our global team is always onboarding new partner CPOs and even whole new markets, with coverage automatically available through the API.

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chargers supported, with thousands added every week
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Countries with charger coverage
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Connected CPOs

Charging rates that your customers will actually love

Octopus passes through the charge point operator tariff without any additional costs to the end EV driver.
 Drivers are also able to access charging discounts and exclusive periods of cheaper charging.

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Built for scale and ease of development

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Easy-to-use APIs

Save development time and unlock powerful charging functionality. Our straightforward REST APIs are all clearly documented online

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The controls your customers need

Choose from our range of charging modules depending on the interface functionality you need: from dynamic charger information and tariffs to charging start & stop commands

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Octopus expertise

Octopus expertise. Brought to you by the team at Octopus Group, whose energy software is licensed to more than 50 million customer accounts across the globe

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Ready to get started?

Our partnerships team are here to answer your questions and find the technical approach that fits you