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July 2023
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April 2024

Octopus Electroverse features you should know (part 3)

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Good things come in threes, and we have more funky features for you!

In this blog, we’ll be looking at some of the new features in the Electroverse app.

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Let's get plugged in...


User preferences

Our first new feature of the moment is ‘User preferences’!  As Octopus Electroverse expands, we want to make the app a more personal experience. This includes choosing your preferred language, distance units (miles or kilometres), and notification settings - all of which can be changed at any point! There's even a handy section for you to easily clear app cache data - the first step in clearing any pesky bugs that might affect your app usage.

User preferences screenshot in phone screen

🗣 Language - Tap here to be taken into your phone’s settings and adjust your preferred language within the Electroverse app (this won’t affect the language on the rest of your phone!).

Distance units - Whether your preference lies with kilometres or miles - we've got you covered. Simply toggle the distance units button to change your preference.

Notifications - Did you forget to enable our notifications when you downloaded the app? Head into notification settings and receive updates on our latest partners, your charging status and the occasional alert to help you save cash and carbon.

Clear cache - Every so often, we may request that you ‘clear cache’. This will clear up your Electroverse app data and help fix any little problems our robot Octopus tentacles cannot reach!

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Don't worry about turning notifications on - we’ll never spam you! Instead, you'll be notified when a new network joins the Electroverse - or if there are new discounts (etc.). These notifications can be turned on and off at any time.

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Vouchers and credit

We like to celebrate our customers (you are pretty great!), and we do this in different ways, e.g. a competition to win credit, a leaflet which includes a handy discount code.

Keep an eye on our socials for any exciting announcements:




Once you're on your Profile in the Electroverse app, click on 'Vouchers and credit' to reach these pages:

Vouchers & Credit phone screenshot

When you receive credit, it will likely come in the form of a code. Make sure to enter this on the app under ‘Redeem a code’ to apply the credit to your Electroverse account!

Once the credit is applied to your account, you can keep track of the amount in the 'Electroverse credits' box. It will automatically contribute to your charging payments - wherever you are! Make sure to use the Electroverse app on your European road trips.

To make your journey even easier, check out our blog: How to use the Octopus Electroverse car apps.

Refer A Friend screenshot phone screen

You can also split £10 credit between you and a friend by referring them to Electroverse, helping share the love and power!

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Charging history map

Charging History Map phone screenshot

Check out the pins on our charging history map and see the locations of all your previous charges. Follow along to see where your journeys have taken you!

Have you taken a road trip in your EV? Share your road trip story with us here.

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To favourite a charge point: select the relevant map icon, press the grey star and watch it go pink! 

Favourites screenshots in phone screen

To find your favourite charge point locations, simply tap the ‘List’ function on the app map and discover your chosen ones under ‘Favourites’.

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Video guides

The public charging network can sometimes feel complex or intimidating to new or inexperienced EV owners. Our aim at Electroverse is to make this as simplistic and accessible as we can, and one way we’re trying to do this is through videos!

Video Guides screenshot phone screens

Check out the Octopus Electroverse playlist to answer your questions:

Which charge points will work with my EV?

How to use rapid EV chargers (with the Octopus Electroverse app)

How to find information on your EV charge

Follow the link here, or on your Electroverse app profile, to explore our Youtube playlist further and make your charging experience that much easier.


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