September 23

Sign up (or in!) to Octopus Electroverse

Sign up/in to Electroverse header - zapmen on phone/laptop

Although signing up and signing in to the Electroverse are very similar processes, in this blog we have two step-by-step guides to make everything that bit easier!

Let’s get plugged in…


How to sign up!

1. Download the app (if you haven’t already!)

octopus electroverse header replacement how to use app

Follow this link and download the app from Google Play or the App Store, to kickstart your Electroverse journey!

2. Head into ‘Profile’ on the Electroverse app

Sign in to Electroverse app screenshot

Once you’re in the Profile tab, tap ‘Let’s go!’ to start your sign-up journey. Although you can access the map without signing in, you’ll need to create a profile to access everything Electroverse has to offer (e.g. in-app charging, charging history, route mapping etc.).

3. Type in your email address of choice and click continue

Create a password on app phone screenshot

Don’t forget - if you have an Octopus Energy account, you can link it to your Electroverse account by using the same email! If you link the two accounts, all charging session payments will be added to your energy bill at the end of the month.

If you aren’t already an Octopus Energy customer, you will be billed after every charge.

For more information on linking your accounts, head over to our FAQs.

4. Create a password

create a password on app screenshot

You will need to create a password to sign up! Something strong and memorable is the best way forward (although, once you have an account, you may not need it to sign in!).

5. Enter your details

Enter your ‘First name’, ‘Last name’ and ‘Country of residence'.

Enter details (sign up) phone screenshots
information icon

Later on, when ordering your Electrocard, you can choose the name on your card (within reason...) and don't have to use the name associated with your account! For example: if you share your card with a couple of friends, you could choose a name together.

6. You’re in!

profile on electroverse app phone screenshot
purple/blue charging lead divider

How to sign in to Electroverse!

1. Click ‘Let’s go’ to get started!

Sign in to Electroverse app screenshot

Head over to the profile page and click 'Let's go' to begin the sign in process.

2. Type in your email address

Create a password on app phone screenshot

Type in the email address you used to register for Electroverse (whether that was on the app or the website!).

3. Click on the magic link in your inbox *

There’s magic in the Electroverse, and no - we’re not pulling an EV out of a hat - introducing magic links! The magic is not needing a password to sign in (we know - it’s spectacular).

magic link process on app screenshots

Once you’ve typed in your email address, an email with a ‘magic link’ will be sent. Simply click on the link in the email (if it’s not there, check your junk inbox, just in case!), and it will take you back to the Electroverse app.

* If you want to use your password instead, simply tap ‘Login with password’ and enter it to sign in.

4. Welcome back!

profile on electroverse app phone screenshot

You are now signed in and ready to continue your Electroverse journey! Check out these blogs to make the most of our exciting in-app features:

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If you have any queries or issues regarding the sign-in process, send an email to with your account’s email address, and we’ll help as best we can!


Feeling enlightened, or do you think something was missing? Let us know by sharing your feedback.

Interested in learning more? Head over to our Electroverse Community area for more electrifying content.