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June 24

Which businesses can sign up for Octopus Electroverse for Business?

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Got fleet electrification on the mind? Well, look no further. This is Octopus Electroverse for Business, your one-stop solution to fleet electrification using the public charging network.

Want to find out if your business is eligible? Just keep on reading.

Let’s get plugged in…


What is Octopus Electroverse for Business?

As the name suggests, Electroverse for Business is the perfect solution for on-the-go charging, combining a sleek online platform with our award-winning app. It helps businesses tackle common challenges in managing their EV fleets.

View, adjust and download charging history details (like where/when charging sessions took place and the total cost) all in one dashboard. Reports can be broken down by group or individual driver.

What’s more, drivers won’t be out of pocket. Gone are the days of claiming back expenses, as each assigned charging card (Electrocard) is linked to the business account. With each Electrocard comes access to 725,000+ public charge points - you can see where drivers can charge by exploring our network map.

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Who’s eligible to sign up for Octopus Electroverse for Business?

Below are the business types who are able to sign up to Electroverse for Business and the number/s you'll need to enter to do so:

  • Limited Company - UK Companies House number required, VAT number optional

  • Partnership - UK Companies House number, VAT optional

  • Sole Trader - VAT required

  • Charity - Companies House number optional, Charities Commission optional, VAT optional

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Secondly, can your business set up a Direct Debit? Payment for Electroverse for Business is collected via Direct Debit, a requirement to set up your business account. Consolidated payment for any subscription costs and public charging completed will be taken once a month and wrapped up into one invoice!

If you’ve answered yes! to both of the above, then good news - you can probably join. We’ll leave a few examples of eligible companies below:

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Sole Traders, Charities and Partnerships

If you’re a Sole Trader, in a Partnership or a Charity you can create an Electroverse for Business account. To complete registration, you’ll need to give your VAT, UK Companies House or Commission number!

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 I’m self-employed, can I join? If you’re self-employed and aren’t registered as a Sole Trader, you can still sign up for Electroverse for Business! Similar to Sole Traders, you'll need to enter a VAT, UK Companies House or Commission number.

SMEs: Small and medium-sized enterprises (1-250 drivers)

Did you know that small and medium-sized enterprises comprise 99.9% of all UK businesses? So, if you’ve got 1 - 250 drivers in your fleet, chances are your business is eligible for Octopus Electroverse for Business.

Examples of UK SMEs include:

Enterprise (250+ drivers)

In 2019, 7,700 businesses in the UK were large enterprises - and despite making up only 0.1% of all businesses, employed almost 40% of the UK’s workforce.

Examples of large UK enterprises include:

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How can businesses sign up for Octopus Electroverse for Business?

Is your Business registered in the UK? Can you link bank details for direct debit? Then it’s time to sign up! Sign-up takes less than 30 seconds and is completely faff-free.

Simply add your driver’s names and email addresses, and they’ll be onboarded to your Business account.

Order however many Electrocards you need - 1 per driver is a good rule! - and they’ll be delivered within 3 - 5 working days.


How much does Octopus Electroverse for Business cost?

Business accounts automatically include x2 driver subscriptions for free! Any subsequent drivers will be billed at £4.50 per month, excluding VAT.

This will be added to the amount of public charging completed by your drivers each month and billed in a single invoice by Direct Debit.

Here’s an example:

You have 5 drivers using the platform & they each use £150 of public charging in a month.

Your consolidated invoice will show:

£150 x 5 worth of public charging: £750

3 x £4.50 subscription: £13.50

2 x £0 subscription (the two free drivers): £0

Total: £763.50 (excl VAT)

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Referring businesses to Octopus Electroverse

Does your Business already have an Electroverse for Business account or do you know a Business that does? Then you could split £30 charging credit in referrals.

To get referring and benefit from charging credit, head to ‘Credit and Referrals’ in your Electroverse for Business web platform to find your business’s unique referral code - share this with another Business (that doesn’t already use Electroverse!) and you’ll split £30 credit once you’ve both made your first charge with Electroverse.

You can refer as many businesses to Electroverse as you like! Once you receive the credit, it will be visible on your web platform and applied to your next invoice.

Psst… don’t forget, business referrals can only be shared with other businesses (not personal Electroverse accounts)!


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Interested in learning more? Head over to our Electroverse Community area for more electrifying content.