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February 2023
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Electric Power: Women in EVs

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From journalism to engineering, community champions to industry experts, women play an intrinsic role in developing the electric vehicle ecosystem (with studies stating that women will drive the transition to electric cars). This International Women’s Day (8th March 2024), Octopus Electroverse is highlighting some of the remarkable women involved in the EV world and their impressive accomplishments. To celebrate, we have compiled a list of such women.

If you know of - or work with - a woman in the EV world (could be yourself!) who deserves more recognition, reach out to us using our community feedback form.

Let's get plugged in...


Jordan Brompton - Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of myenergi

Jordan Marie Brompton Profile

In 2016, Jordan Brompton -  alongside Lee Sutton - co-founded the eco-smart technology innovation and manufacturing company myenergi. With over 400,000 myenergi devices out in the world, and 60,000+ myenergi connected homes in the UK, myenergi is now one of the fastest-growing tech & manufacturing businesses in the UK!

More recently, in 2022, Jordan was twice awarded at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards - winning the Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year accolade and Great British Entrepreneur of the Year.

Jordan has also written a children's book about myenergi’s cute, green mascot - Sparki the alien.  A fun and creative way to inspire the next generation, whilst delicately informing them of the harmful effects of climate change.

Despite her success, Jordan is still highly active on her social channels, posting updates about myenergi and regularly engaging in EV community chat.

Socials -

Twitter: @JordeeBrompton


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Ginny Buckley - CEO and founder of

Ginny Buckley Profile

Ginny Buckey has been at the heart of broadcasting, journalism and transport for 25 years and is the Founder and CEO of

From the year 2035, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK will officially be banned. is working to clear the air for mainstream consumers by simplifying the process of choosing and purchasing an EV.

The female-fronted, independent disrupter brand was launched in April 2020 after assembling a team of electric vehicle experts and helps consumers understand, choose and buy electric cars whilst also acting as a service aggregator for the wider ecosystem. 

Ginny Buckley uses her influential presence on the BBC, ITV and C4 to advocate for electric vehicles, showcasing her enthusiasm for all things electric.  In January 2023, Ginny investigated the reality of owning an EV, documented in a programme called ‘Your car: Time to Switch?’.  Aired on ITV Tonight, the programme highlighted the pros and cons of owning an EV, further educating the general public.

Ginny is very active on her social channels and presents countless EV-specific videos on the Electrifying YouTube channel.

Socials -

Twitter: @GinnyBuckley





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Elinor Chalmers - EV advocate and equestrian safety adviser

Elinor Chalmers Profile

Elinor Chalmers is an EV advocate, sustainability champion and equestrian safety adviser for BHS Fife, based in Tayside, Scotland. Elinor began her electric dream in 2015 when she bought her first electric vehicle (a Nissan Leaf!). 

Elinor was also the first female director of the Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) Scotland from 2018-2021. Inspired by her devotion to horses, Elinor’s insightful study into how horses react to approaching EVs reflects on the difficulties that come with busy roads and sensitive animals.  After her investigation, Elinor came to the conclusion that EVs ‘can in fact be detected by a horse and they can be aware of the vehicle before a rider’, demonstrating that despite their quieter nature, EVs are safe to drive around horses.

She has also guest vlogged on Nicolas Raimo’s YouTube channel, describing a day in the life of an EV driver. Her down-to-earth lifestyle is an encouragement to those debating getting an electric vehicle, demonstrating how day-to-day activities can be achieved with little to no difficulties - even without a home charger!

Socials - 

Twitter: @She_sElectric

Instagram: @she_selectric

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Kate Fantom - Mobile EV technician and EV content producer

Kate Fantom standing with daughter

Kate Fantom is an EV owner and advocate of over 10 years.  Working as a Mobile EV Technician for Cleevely Electric Vehicles, Kate is among some of the UK's first premium mobile EV repair and maintenance specialists. She covers 50 kilometres annually in an EV and creates road trip content to bring viewers the latest EV model reviews and real family life stories.

Kate runs the Kate, Florence and James Twitter account and collaborates on The EV Team YouTube channel with her partner James, often featuring her daughter Florence.  Involving her family in the business brings an intimate feel to the reviews, resonating with other parents and inspiring change with her combination of positivity and realism.

Socials -

Twitter: @KateFantom and @Cleevely_EV_mobile 


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Linda Grave - Founder & CEO at EV Driver

Linda Grave Profile

Linda Grave’s career has been established over almost two decades of hard work. Her wealth of experience as an entrepreneur has led her to build successful companies within the renewable energy and EV sectors.  In her free time, Linda cycles, runs and skis, perhaps as in love with the outdoors as she is with renewable energy.

In 2016, Linda started to build the EV Driver network of public charge points in the East of England, aiming to provide an easy access PAYG network for all to use.  Linda strives to make the EV world more accessible, helping clients, such as local authorities and businesses, make informed decisions when moving over to EVs.  Running a charging network can be complex and overwhelming for business owners, but Linda's consultancy service encourages those with limited knowledge to take that step, coaching them through the process.  In 2020, Linda sold this network but continues to focus her attention on EV roaming and interoperability in the UK.

In 2022, Linda went on to be recognised as one of the Top Women in EV 2022 and was awarded one of the prestigious EV Champion awards 2022 by

Socials -

Twitter: @EVDriverUK


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Judith Henzel - TE Connectivity, Mechanical Engineer

Judith Henzel Profile

Judith Henzel is TE Connectivity’s resident engineer for Andretti Autosport and is one of a few female engineers working in Formula E.  As an advocate for women in STEM and one of the few women in her position, Judith is paving the way for young females who want to pursue their passions; encouraging self-confidence and reminding women of their value in the workplace. A successful female mechanical engineer is a reminder for younger generations that male-dominated sectors can be subject to change and that opportunities should not be dismissed due to gender.

Living in Germany, Judith began an internship in maintenance at a German airline, where she decided to study mechanical engineering. While studying, Judith joined the Formula student racing team and was a team member for 4-years. After graduating with her mechanical engineering degree, Judith’s passion for cars only intensified, as she secured a job at TE Connectivity, eventually becoming an embedded engineer for Andretti Technologies.  There Judith discovered her love for the dynamics of working in a team, combined with the unpredictability of races. 

To learn more about Judith Henzel you can read an interview between Judith and Electronic Design here:

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Gill Nowell - Head of EV Communications for LV= General Insurance and ElectriX

Gill Nowell Profile

Gill Nowell has an extensive background in the electric vehicle industry, spanning almost a decade - her current role as Head of EV Communications for LV= General Insurance and ElectriX is just the tip of the iceberg.

With over 20 years of experience across the sustainable energy, utility, and environmental technologies sectors, including several years working on electric vehicle-grid integration projects, Gill’s career has had a vital role in the development of the EV world.

In February 2019, Gill founded EVclicks – a free online EV image library for schools, communities, projects and businesses to aid the transition to zero-emission transport.

In June 2020, the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) selected Gill Nowell as one of the ‘Top 50 Women in Engineering (WE50): Sustainability’; all accredited to have ‘outstanding achievements’ within their field.  Gill is also a regular speaker and panellist on electric vehicles and the data-driven transition to net zero.

Gill was celebrated as one of the Top Women in EV for policy and campaigning in April of 2021, and most recently has joined the campaign again as a panel speaker in 2024. If you want to feel inspired, her active social platforms below are well worth the follow.

Socials -



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Sara Sloman - Projects Director at the EV Cafe and Chief Strategy Officer at Paythru

Sara Sloman Profile

Sara Sloman has been involved in delivering sustainability-centred infrastructure projects for over fifteen years and is currently working at the EV Cafe as Projects Director and joiner of industry dots, a company aiming to promote electric vehicles and form a community where EV lovers can share their experiences and learn.  With her background in public and private sector consultancy roles, Sara’s expertise makes her a powerful woman with a never-ending inventory of EV knowledge.

Sara also worked for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund where she led on elements of the Go Ultra Low West project in the West of England, driving sales of electric vehicles. 

In 2018, Sara was named EV Champion and featured on the GreenFleet “100 Most Influentiallist in 2019, 2020, 2021 and most recently 2024.

Socials -

Twitter: @SaraSloman1 and @EVcafe1


EV Cafe Youtube:

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Kate Tyrrell - CEO & Co-founder of EV Chargesafe

Kate Tirrel Profile

In late 2021, Kate Tyrrell co-founded EV ChargeSafe - an independent company driven by the concerns of the community of EV Drivers, which offers a 5-star rating system based on a collection of data (such as safety, accessibility, facilities/services). After Kate found herself feeling unsafe, forced to stop and charge her EV in a dark and unfamiliar area, ChargeSafe was formed to ensure that personal safety and accessibility are a priority to Chargepoint Network Operators (CPOs), Chargepoint Site Landlords and Local Authorities.

“By creating a community dedicated to the maintenance of our inspection data, we can assess and feedback on real-time issues as they occur and provide better support to CPOs for the operations and maintenance of their sites, ensuring that EV drivers can feel confident when selecting a charger to use when away from home.” - Kate Tyrrell

By 2022, ChargeSafe was shortlisted for the GreenFleet UK Award for Industry Innovation. An award demonstrating ‘environmental excellence within the fleet and transport sector’.

Previously, Kate worked as the corporate events & relationship manager for myenergi but her innovation in the EV world led ChargeSafe to success.  Take a look at the Meet the Team section on the EV ChargeSafe website to learn more about her story.

Most recently, Kate was placed on the GreenFleet “100 Most Influentialfor 2024.

Socials -

Twitter: @kate_tyrrell and @EVChargeSafe



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Women Drive Electric UK

Women Drive Electric Twitter Screenshot

The Women Drive Electric UK group is an online community of female EV drivers based in the UK who use this space to connect with other female drivers and discuss EV models, sales, insurance, servicing, repairs, and any additional hints and tips.

Their platforms are a safe space for women to address issues within the EV world.  Women Drive EV shares articles such as ‘women don’t feel safe charging electric cars at night’, helping raise awareness for specific female concerns.  If you’re a woman who needs some advice on your EV (or thinking of joining the EV world!), check out their social platforms for all things electric vehicles.

Socials -

Twitter: @WomenDriveEV


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