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April 22

EV Life Hacks

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Whether you've been driving an electric vehicle for ten weeks or ten years, you've learnt some golden tips and tricks for getting the most out of your drive - from which percentage is best to unplug, to naming your favourite rapid charging service station - and we want you to share!  

Submit your EV life hacks and be recognised for what you are: an electric maestro. 

Let’s get plugged in…


Get a tethered home charger to avoid needing to get your own out at home, and then putting it away wet. It preserves the life of the car cable for public charge points.

Anonymous, Jaguar driver, UK.

When you book a hotel, check beforehand that they have a charger on site. And don't forget your Electrocard...

Stefan, Nissan Leaf & Hyundai Ioniq 5 driver, Buckinghamshire.

When driving long distances I keep to 60 mph. It improves range and uses less energy.

Stuart, Nissan Leaf driver, West Sussex.

When I plan a long journey and I know what rapid chargers I want to use, I use Google street view to get a visual of the area, so it’s easier to find the chargers when I arrive

Simon, Jaguar iPace driver, Hastings.

Precondition your EV to the perfect temperature while charging! This means you won't be wasting any charge on heating and cooling when you're driving.

Aimee, VW ID.3 driver, Edinburgh.

Don't wait to use the last charging station on your route - if it's broken or in use, you'll have another chance to charge at the next station.

Nick, Tesla driver, London.

Try to top up your battery charge once you've reached your destination - this will reduce rapid charging sessions that cost more than the slow chargers.

Max, Nissan Leaf driver, Newquay.

Real EV range - when buying an EV or planning a journey, think 60% of the stated range, as you'll want to keep within 20-80% most of the time, to protect your battery and have a bit spare for eventualities.

James, Citroën E-Berlingo driver, North-West England.


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