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February 2024

Charged: 15 Questions with... GeniePoint

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Back in August 2022, GeniePoint joined the Octopus Electroverse network.

GeniePoint is one of the largest networks of rapid chargers in the UK, they serve over 250,000 drivers with 500+ rapid charge points and their mission is to ensure drivers can charge wherever and whenever they need it.

To help us understand more, we decided to sit down with John Kovacs, Operations Director for GeniePoint, to get the inside scoop on their future plans. 

Let's get plugged in...

(*You can check where your nearest GeniePoint charger is by searching the map or using the app filters)


Let's chat GeniePoint…

Give us a bit of background - how did GeniePoint start?

GeniePoint launched all the way back in 2010 and was one of the very first public charging networks. We set out with a clear mission - to support the UK's transition to electric vehicles by providing convenient and accessible EV charging. As you can imagine, the technology has come a long way since then – it’s amazing to see how much progress the industry has made in that time!

Fast forward to now, the GeniePoint network serves over 250,000 registered drivers, with over 500 rapid charge points across the UK. The GeniePoint mission remains unchanged. We’re all about ensuring drivers can get a charge whenever and wherever they need it, through providing convenient and accessible EV charging infrastructure.

An electric vehicle plugged in to a charging spot outside a popular chain supermarket

GeniePoint is owned by Equans - can you tell us a bit more about how Equans operates and how they are helping expand the UK’s public charging network?

The GeniePoint network is fully owned and operated by Equans. In the UK & Ireland, Equans is a provider of technical services, FM, regeneration and energy services – with specialist capabilities in EV charging. Equans’ mission is to empower businesses and communities to transition to net zero, so EV charging plays a big part in the Equans offer.

How many charging points do GeniePoint now operate? 

We operate over 500 rapid charge points within our public charging network, with locations all across the UK. Alongside our public network, we also provide EV infrastructure for businesses, such as charge points for workplaces and we manage those through our GeniePoint platform too.

When building a new charging site, what does GeniePoint prioritise?

For us, being a good network is about making EV charging convenient, in a way that fits into our daily lifestyle. That’s why we typically select ‘local’ locations, whether that is at your local supermarket, near where your children go to school, or even at your workplace.

When selecting a specific location, there are lots of factors considered, but essentially it comes down to how accessible the location is, whether it is nearby to amenities and what power is available. We spend a lot of time listening to driver feedback and our priorities evolve based on the needs of the EV driver community.

A woman returning to her ev after charging it using a public charge point

The off-peak reduced charging cost rates are great to see - can you tell us more about this and how users can benefit from the cheaper rates?

In a nutshell, GenieFlex is a form of varied pricing, where the price you pay for your charge session changes according to the time of day you start your charge.

GenieFlex isn’t just about better management of energy. It’s a way for us to provide our customers with access to lower rates at times when charge points are less likely to be in use, as well as supporting UK grid capacity. For drivers who don’t have access to home charging, GenieFlex provides customers the opportunity to charge on public rapid chargers at a good value rate and benefit from varied pricing.

Since launch, we’ve seen a significant shift in the number of drivers choosing to charge during off-peak, which shows that the EV community want choice and flexibility when they charge.

What charging speeds do GeniePoint currently offer, and what’s the future looking like for faster charging?

We offer everything from 7kW, up to 300kW on our public GeniePoint network. The majority of the chargers on our network are 50-100kW, but we have plans in place to increase the number of ultra-rapid charge points at key locations. That is both through upgrades to current sites and new locations.

Why are partnerships like GeniePoint and Octopus Electroverse crucial to the public charging infrastructure?

We know that ease and convenience of charging is really important to EV drivers and that’s why we make sure that charging with GeniePoint offers flexibility and simplicity.

With the introduction of contactless payments, plus partnerships like GeniePoint and Octopus Electroverse, drivers have greater choice when it comes to locating, using and paying for a charge session.

Partnerships like this one also enable us to bring new, exciting offers to our customers, to enable us to provide the best possible value for money.

A public car charging point surrounded by trees

Are there any areas in the UK that GeniePoint is planning to expand into?

Within the past year, we’ve installed several new charge points at sites in Scotland which has helped to increase our coverage across Scotland. As we already cover most of the UK, we work with our partners to identify sites that best serve the needs of the EV community, instead of focusing our efforts on specific locations.

What's the vision for GeniePoint over the next few years?

Over the next few years, our strategy will likely evolve, but our vision will remain the same – to be the go to choice for EV charging by being where our customers are, when they need us.

Our priority at the moment is to ensure our network serves drivers as it should. As we were one of the early movers into the EV industry, we also had some of the earliest charging technology, so we’re currently working on a significant charger replacement project.

We have already replaced over 150 charge points on our public network with an entirely new charging unit, and will continue to do so over the coming months. Alongside reliability improvements, we’ll be continuing to grow and expand our network, including the installation of several multi-charger sites and introducing more ultra-rapid charge points onto the network.

About You...

John Kovacs, Operations Director for GeniePoint


What's your dream electric vehicle?

Bit of a guilty pleasure but it would need to be a Porsche Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo

Porsche Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo

What’s the longest journey you’ve completed in an EV - and can you share the total mileage?

Probably Bournemouth to Glasgow circa 450 miles but I have often driven 1000 miles plus a week with no issues or real range anxiety

Do you have an EV life hack to share with the EV community? 

Can I have 2?

I love that I can prewarm and defrost my car from indoors on winter mornings!

Change your ICE mindset! Most of us used to fill up when nearly empty but try staying topped up. I normally keep the car between 40% – 80% depending on what the day or week looks like in terms of travel. 

If I’m travelling a long distance and need to charge mid journey, Itry to charge between 20%-80% to hit the charging sweet spot, get back on the road and free up the charger.

What advice would you give someone looking to use a GeniePoint charging location for the first time?

Know that we’re always here to help you – our priority is to ensure that your first charge with GeniePoint is seamless. We have lots of useful information on our website for new users and we also have a customer service team available round the clock to support you.

A woman plugging in her ev using a public charging unit

When you first drove an EV, what was the biggest difference from a petrol or diesel?

The overall driving experience is so much better. They’re quieter and are a lot smoother, what’s not to love?

And finally- an EV etiquette question - what would you say is the golden rule to using a public charger?

Try not to block a charger for longer than you really need. When your vehicle has charged up to 80% (which is recommended by vehicle manufacturers), unplug and move on.


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