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February 24

Avatar competition winners and runners up!

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There's nothing we love more than when the EV community gets involved, so in December 2023, the Electroverse Avatar Competition was announced!

Turns out, a lot of you were willing to rise to the challenge! With creative avatar ideas being sent in from across the globe, we finally managed to get it down to four designs - but which two made it into the app?

Keep scrolling to check out some of the electrifying creativity submitted!

Let's get plugged in...


Avatar Competition winners!

Designed (and named!) by some artistic adults and children, here are the winners' creations and our design teams' interpretations.

You can find and use these Avatars on your Electroverse profile by updating it in the app or web. Make sure you've got the latest app version downloaded to view them.

'E-Magic' = Electric Magic

Our design team loved this magical concept designed by Sue (adult category). Her incorporation of Constantine the Octopus was also very appreciated.

Here's Electric Magic bringing Constantine out of a hat... abracadabra!

Avatar comp - Winner (adult) - magician zap

'Barry the Battery'

Isabel did an awesome job designing Barry the Battery (children's category)! We love his cute facial expression and the funky lightning bolt emblem across his chest.

Avatar comp - Winner (child) - barry the battery

Runners up!

'Energy free'

This cool design was created by Antonio (adult category), and we loved the message behind it. With solar energy as its theme, this art reminds everybody that renewable energy is so important in the race to save our planet!

Check out our blog to see how EV efficiency compares to petrol/fuel vehicles and how this contributes to preventing climate change: How efficient are electric vehicles

avatar comp - runner up adult


EV-PO caught our eye! With its crazy, vibrant, rainbow colours and electric car shoes.

Designed by Richard's son for the children's category, this robot looks like it could take over the world!

Avatar comp Runner up - child

Some more submissions...

It was a tough decision, choosing who would win the Avatar Competition, so here are just a few more designs submitted by the EV community (including the next generation of EV lovers!).

Children's avatar submissions
adult avatar submissions

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Avatar Competition. Keep an eye out as there are always more opportunities to win some Electroverse prizes!


Feeling enlightened or do you think something was missing? Let us know by sharing your feedback.

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