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December 23

Nissan releasing three new models?

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In 2021, Nissan announced its new battery ‘gigafactory’ - a large-scale manufacturing facility, particularly for rechargeable batteries that go into electric vehicles. This factory produces batteries for up to 100,000 vehicles a year.

On the shoulders of this factory, in November 2023, Nissan announced the production of three new EV models!

Let’s get plugged in…


A new Leaf, Nissan?

Already having provided previews to dealers, Nissan have confirmed they’re producing new electric versions of the Juke and Qashqai models. They are also releasing a brand new Leaf EV - a classic, already produced on site and first released back in 2010!

Additionally, they will be building a new battery factory or ‘gigafactory’, with the exciting intention of aiding the transition away from combustion engines.

Despite the government postponing the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate to 2035 - originally stating all vehicles sold by 2030 must be zero emission, Nissan is still aiming for the original deadline. Producing electric vehicles only from now on and hoping to solely sell EVs by 2030!

nissan leaf

How are Nissan funding the project?

The production of these models, plus the gigafactory, all comes under a £3bn investment - £1.12bn of this budget will be utilised to manufacture the new EV models.

£2bn of this budget will be used to develop a gigafactory - alongside Nissan's already existent Sunderland plant. This factory will produce "next-generation battery technology" for all the new EVs!

Check out Nissan's EV36Zero scheme to learn more about their "journey to carbon neutrality."

When will we see these models on the market?

The models are expected to roll out in the next few years, however Nissan’s EV campaign is set to go ahead in 2025; it’s been revealed that their aim is to release 27 electrified models by 2030!


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