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April 2023
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June 2024

Octopus Electroverse named in Futurice E40 report (2023)

E40 Now and Next: Who's Who in the EV Revolution

On 24th April 2023, Futurice UK dropped its annual E40 report - naming and celebrating the most influential players in the UK’s EV ecosystem. With big names in the running (Tesla, myenergi, Polestar, VW Group etc.) who placed in the top 5?

You can view the entire report here, or keep reading for our breakdown.

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E40 Now and Next: Who’s Who in the EV Revolution

Futurice is an outcome-focused digital transformation company, and has released the E40 report since 2020 - this year’s being the biggest version of the report. 

With regards to the EV industry in the UK, 2023 has been a mixed bag - high inflation and a weak global economy gave doubt over predicted sales, however, in the first quarter of the year sales of BEVs went up by almost 20%! Marking it as the biggest month on record for the uptake of zero-emission vehicles. 

With this in mind, the Futurice E40 report examines the entire EV landscape over the past year and celebrates those leading the way in innovation:

At Futurice, we are under no illusion about the roadblocks on the EV journey ahead but we are very optimistic about the future. Because as this report shows, in the UK’s dynamic EV ecosystem, barriers are, increasingly, the catalyst for innovation and ecosystem players consistently outperform by breaking free from their comfort zones. From car manufacturers building gigahubs, to charging platforms becoming one-stop energy platforms, to logistical long-haul and last-mile tech, the future’s all to play for.

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Who placed in the top 5?

  1. Tesla

  2. myenergi

  3. Octopus Energy (Electroverse)

  4. Vertical Aerospace

  5. Polestar

What was said of Octopus Electroverse?

Octopus Electroverse was thrilled to learn that we had been placed third in the Electric 40, alongside Octopus Energy and Octopus Electric Vehicles.

Under the innovation category, Electroverse scored highly in successfully innovating around and simplifying the customer experience. According to the E40 report (page 13): 

“In September last year (2022), Octopus Energy announced that its roaming service, Electroverse (rebranded from Electric Juice), had grown to 300,000-plus charger points globally, operated from a single card and app – helping to alleviate “range anxiety” for millions of EV drivers across the UK and Europe. With more than 450 charging networks, including the likes of IONITY, EvBox, Fastned, Osprey, Mer and involved in the scheme, Electroverse has nailed its colours to the mast as one of the industry’s most useful one-stop tools.”

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