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August 23

World EV Day 2023 - win your dream road trip!

Updated World EV Day Header

On September 9th 2023, World EV Day is back!

A day to celebrate the global movement to more sustainable road transport - and shout about the benefits of driving electric. 

That's why we're celebrating World EV Day with a route planning competition! A chance for one lucky member of the Electroverse community to win enough charging credit to complete their dream EV road trip.

To find out how to enter, just keep reading.

Let’s get plugged in…


What you could win...

As an EV driver, you'll know how far your EV will take you - and that you won't be charging every 40 miles (misconceptions, eh?). In fact, taking your EV on a long multi-country trip has never been easier, as the Electroverse network recently surpassed 500,000 chargers!

So, in honour of World EV Day 2023, we're giving one lucky winner enough charging credit to cover their dream road trip to Europe and back!

How to get involved!

1. Download the Electroverse app

A simple but important step.

The app is completely free to use (including the car apps too!), you'll only pay for the energy you consume charging your EV.

Octopus Electroverse tech ecosystem. Image os RFID card, iOS and Android app, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

2. Plan (and screen record!) your dream route to Europe with the Electroverse route planner

Take a seat and plan your dream route to Europe!

Plan the route on your Electroverse app - from your home to your dream location in Europe, and make sure to film the process via screen recording. The planning video will be your submission to the competition!

If you haven't used the route planner before, check out our video tutorial!

The route can include multiple pitstops and countries - or it can be a straight drive from the UK to the south of France, the Amalfi coast, or the Adriatic coastline. It's your dream road trip, so you're in charge!

graphic of Octopus Electroverse mascot, Zapman, riding in an EV next to a friend looking out of binoculars

3. Email us the video by 6th September (23:59)!

In the email (, please include:

  • The subject line: World EV Day 2023 competition

  • The preferred name that you would be happy for us to use in the announcement

  • A small explanation as to why this is your dream road trip

  • The planning video!

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  1. This competition is open to any Octopus Electroverse customer from 25/08/2023 - 06/09/2023 (23:59).

  2. One submission per user. If you submit multiple videos, only your first submission will be reviewed.

  3. The winner will be contacted via email by 09/09/2023.

  4. The competition winner will be announced across Electroverse's social media accounts and website.

  5. The charging credit amount for the road trip can not be transferred to any other Octopus accounts, nor can it be reimbursed to any bank account.

  6. Any/all video submissions can be used by the Electroverse marketing team for further annoucements.

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Make sure to enter by 23:59 on the 6th September.

The winner will be announced on the 9th September - World EV Day!

Any further questions? Feel free to send us an email via Good luck!


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