September 23

InstaVolt joins Octopus Electroverse

InstaVolt logo on a sign post

We've been keeping this partnership secret for a while, but it's finally time to announce that from September 2023, Octopus Electroverse customers can access InstaVolt chargers!

With over 1,000 rapid chargers across the UK (all powered by 100% renewable energy!) and a reputation of being one of the most reliable EV charging networks out there, Octopus Electroverse is thrilled to welcome InstaVolt onboard.


InstaVolt EV charge points can be found across the UK, with speeds of up to 120 kW, available 24/7. Check where your nearest InstaVolt charger is by searching the Electroverse network map or checking the Electroverse app.

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Something to note! For a short time, some InstaVolt locations will only be accessible by the Electroverse app (not Electrocard); these will be clearly signposted in the app - all you need to do is open the charge point information tab! At these locations, Electroverse users can instead start a charge using the Electroverse app! Learn how to use in-app charging here.

If you're interested in learning more about InstaVolt and their partnership with Octopus Electroverse (+ plans for the future, including European expansion!), have a read of our interview with InstaVolt CEO, Adrian Keen:

Charged: 15 questions with... InstaVolt


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