Frequently asked Questions

Get in touch

How do I contact the Electroverse team?

We love hearing from our community!

You can contact us via email at - our team work specific hours but we'll always do our best to get back to you within 1 business day.

We don't have a telephone line; if you need support when charging up, we suggest contacting the charge point operator. You can find their details in the app, on the operator's website or on the physical charge point.


Which operators are currently partnered with Electroverse?

We're partnered with hundreds of charging operator networks across the globe - and the list continues to grow! As listing all our partners would take some time - and might take up your entire screen! - we recommend searching the Electroverse map for your favourites.

Electrocards & Charging

My Electrocard isn't working

If your card isn't working it's most likely an issue with the charger itself, or a temporary drop in the charger's network connectivity. We first recommend a second attempt (you won't be charged), and then speaking to the charge point operator directly. Their details can be found on the in-app information tab for any charging point.

Although there's very little that can go wrong with your card, if the problem is recurring on different networks please do let us know at and we will investigate and replace your card if needed.

A charger I'm trying to use is broken, inaccessible or has incorrect information

Please do let us know by using the 'report an issue' button in the Electroverse app. These reports will service the information in the charger and help the rest of the EV community - we'll also alert the charging company directly!

Once you've reported the issue, we'd recommend using the Electroverse app to search for another nearby charger to get you charging and on your way.

I'd like to order another Electrocard for my account

We'd be very happy to send you one - it's easy to order a new card from the 'Electrocards' section in the Electroverse app and website.

Check out our blog to learn more.

If you're having any difficulties, please email us, including your preferred name and full delivery address.

My Electrocard has been lost or stolen

The Electroverse app allows you to instantly deactivate & order new Electrocards.

Please do email us at if you're having difficulty cancelling your card, or you've any other worries.

My Electrocard hasn't been activated

If you've ordered a card from the app, it'll already be active when you receive it. To check, take a look at the "Electrocard" section in the app.

If after 3 weeks, the card hasn't arrived and still displays the status 'preparing your card', we'd recommend cancelling the order via the Electroverse app and ordering a new card.

If we've given you a card at an event or the status is ‘Preparing your card’, you can activate it manually via the ‘Activate Electrocard’ button. Note, it may take up to 24 hours for some chargers to start accepting your card.

My Electrocard hasn't arrived yet

Our Electrocards take up to 10 working days to arrive.

Once you order an Electrocard, you'll see its status as 'preparing your card' in your Electroverse app (or web browser). When the card is on its way, the card status will be changed to 'active'.

Sometimes there are delays, so contact us at if you haven't received it after a few weeks or the status of the card remains as 'preparing your card'. If after 3 weeks, the card hasn't arrived, we'd recommend cancelling the order via the Electroverse app and ordering a new card.

We know how eager you are to get started right away so why not try out our in-app charging while you wait?

To learn more about in-app charging - and how to get started! - please head to our blog: How to charge your car… from your phone!, and check out our in-app charging FAQs.

Do I need my own cable to charge? (tethered vs. untethered)

As a rule of thumb, any charger that offers speeds of 50kW or above will have its own cable that you can plug in to your vehicle. Below that, you may need your own cable to use the charger.

This is sometimes referred to as tethered vs. untethered, where 'tethered' means the charger has a cable for you to plug in, and 'untethered' means you'll need to use your vehicle's own cable to plug in at both ends.

Some examples:
IONITY, 350kW - tethered with a cable you can use
Osprey, 50kW - tethered with a cable you can use
Ubitricity, 7kW - untethered and requires your own cable
Source London, 22kW - mostly untethered and will generally require your own cable.

We always recommend that you keep a cable in your vehicle so that you can access any variety of charger.

Can I use my Electrocard outside the UK?

Yes, you can! With over 720,000 chargers on the Electroverse network across the UK and Europe, taking your EV on holiday just became that bit easier.

Don't forget, you can also use our route planner, in your car, to plan your journeys to chargers no matter where you are in the world. If you'd like to learn more about using the Electroverse app in your car, check out our blog:

Something to note! Depending on how your Electroverse account is set up, conversion/exchange fees may apply. Please check our billing FAQs for more information.


Do I have to be an Octopus Energy customer to use Electroverse?

No, everyone is welcome!

We want charging to be as simple as possible for every EV driver in the UK, whether you are with Octopus Energy for your home energy supply or not.

How does Electroverse work with my Octopus Energy account?

The short answer:

Your Octopus Energy account works with Electroverse, meaning you can log in and sign up to pay for charging with your energy account.

The detailed answer:

If you have an existing Octopus Energy account, login to the Electroverse app and select ‘Pay with Octopus’ under the payment methods section. Following the instructions on your screen, sign in with your Octopus Energy details and select your active account - hey presto, your accounts will be linked! From this point on, any charging you do through Electroverse will simply be added to your monthly energy bill.

Any problems, just reach out to us:

What happens if you leave Octopus for your home energy? Well - if such a time comes - your Electroverse account will continue to work as normal. All you’ll need to do is add a payment card, as there won’t be an active energy account linked.

If I leave Octopus Energy for my energy, can I still use Electroverse?

Absolutely! Your account will still work with Electroverse and you can continue to manage your personal details and payment methods through the Electroverse app.

If you were paying for Electroverse through your Octopus Energy direct debit, you'll need to add an alternative valid payment method in its place.

I think I have multiple Octopus/Electroverse accounts - help!

Not to worry - if you send us an email to with details of the accounts and we'll do our best to sort it for you.

I'd like to close my account

We're sad to see you go! But you can close your Electroverse account directly from the Electroverse app.

Head into your account and hit the 'close account' button under 'support'. Once you've confirmed the closure, we'll send you an email to notify you that it's been successful - if you have any outstanding payments on your account, you'll need to settle these before we can complete the account deactivation.

Once your account has been settled and you've received our email confirmation, your Electrocards will be deactivated and you'll be logged out of the app.

If you've made a mistake in closing your account and would like to reactivate it, please shoot us an email at We'd be happy to get you set up again!

Billing & Payment

How do I pay for charging using my Octopus energy bill?

If you'd like to switch your Electroverse payment from a debit/credit card to your Octopus Energy bill, simply sign into your Electroverse account in-app and head to 'Payment methods' in the Profile section.

Then, following the instructions on your screen, select the 'Pay with Octopus' option. From here, you'll need to enter your Octopus Energy details to link the accounts and hey presto, any charging you do through Electroverse will now be added to your monthly energy bill!

Any problems, just reach out to us:

What other payment methods does Electroverse support?

Electroverse currently supports payment either by energy account (for Octopus Energy customers) or by adding a valid payment card.

How much does charging on Electroverse cost?

Octopus Electroverse is working hard to keep charging costs down for EV drivers.

The rates reflected on the Electroverse network are provided by the charge point operators, and where possible, we add exclusive discounts! We also never charge any subscription or transaction fees. This means a low-cost and convenient public charging service for you.

The latest pricing for every operator and each specific charging point is displayed in the Electroverse app.

We always recommend checking the rates on the app before you start a session. Rates can change in line with charging operators passing through new prices (this can be due to the end of government support and relief schemes, energy wholesale prices increasing, etc.)

For more information, feel free to reach out to us!

Good to know: Occasionally, rates might differ when charging with CPOs directly. We have also been made aware that some charge points have outdated sticker prices on the hardware. The rate you see in the Electroverse app is the rate you will be charged. If you choose to charge with Electroverse, you will not be eligible for refunds or charging credits to account for price differences with other providers.

When will I be billed?

If you are an Octopus Energy customer and have linked your Electroverse account, you will receive your Electroverse bill at the same time you receive your Energy bill. They will appear on the same statement for extra simplicity.

For customers who have linked a payment card to their Electroverse account, billing occurs directly after a charging session.

If you ever want to check your charging receipts, head into the app and select the charging history toolbar icon.

Using your Electrocard abroad

If your Electrocard is linked to a debit or credit card, please check if non-sterling transaction fees apply. Your bank will charge this fee if you use your Electrocard abroad - similar to when you use certain bank cards to pay for food, drinks, boat trips to see Octopuses (etc.) when on holiday outside the UK. ]

For customers who have a payment card linked to their Electroverse account: Any charging session outside the UK will be billed in the local currency. The conversion rate will be at the discretion of your banking provider, so we recommend checking before starting a charge.

For customers who have linked their Octopus Energy and Electroverse accounts: The conversion rate will be automatically converted for you and applied to your monthly bill. The conversion rate will be applied for the time/date of your charging session and will be visible on your monthly breakdown and session receipts.

Can sign up/referral/other charging credit be exchanged or refunded?

No - any charging credit received via referral, sign-up or other means can only be redeemed charging on the Electroverse network. It also cannot be refunded to bank accounts or other Octopus Energy accounts.

Redeem a code

When is my credit applied?

It can take up to 24 hours for a credit to be applied.

If the credit you're waiting on is related to referring a friend, it might be that some steps were missed. In order for the credit to be released your friend will need to sign up for Electroverse with your unique link to start the process. Then you’ll both need to have an active payment method linked to your accounts and complete at least one charge using the Electroverse card or app.

If it's been a few days and the credit hasn't appeared, get in touch with us - we'll see what's going!

Where can I see my credit?

You’ll see it applied in your charging history - just tap the middle button on the taskbar in the Electroverse app. It's here that you'll also see your past charging receipts.

What does “Offer already redeemed” or “Code already redeemed” mean?

For some promotions, codes and/or offers can only be redeemed once. If you see these messages, the code and/or offers have already been redeemed.

If these messages show, you won't be able to use the credit code, as it has already been used.

What does ‘Code does not exist’ mean?

The code is not valid. Please check to see if you have entered the code correctly. There should only be characters between A-F and 0-9.

If you believe the code is valid, please email us at

What does “Code is expired” mean?

The code you entered has passed its expiry date. If you believe this is erroneous, please email us at

Refer a friend

How do I ‘refer a friend’?

Open your Electroverse app and head to the profile screen. Next, click ‘refer a friend’ and either share your unique link (via email or message) or ask your friend to scan the QR code presented on your screen.

When and how will I receive the charging credit?

Your friend will need to sign up for Electroverse with your unique link to start the process. Then you’ll both need to have an active payment method linked to your accounts and complete at least one charge using the Electroverse card or app.

Once these conditions have been met, we’ll add £5 to your Electroverse accounts within 24hrs!

If the code doesn't appear, it's likely that one of the above conditions has not been met - check with your friend to see if you've both completed the steps! Unfortunately, we can't share information about individual accounts, so it's best to confirm with your friend before reaching out to us.

How many friends can I refer?

As many as you like! The more friends you sign up the more referral credit you'll earn - and be improving their EV charging experience whilst you're at it!

Can I refer the same friend again?

Afraid not. Once your friend has been referred and completed the sign up process, your unique link will not work for that person again.

Can I refer a friend that is already signed up to Electroverse?

Unfortunately not. You can only refer new friends who don't yet have Electroverse accounts.

Charging in app

How do I start a charge using the Electroverse app?

To check if a charging station is compatible with in-app charging, check its access information for 'Electroverse App' - this can be found within the charging station information.

Open the charger information in the app - you’ll notice a ‘Start Charge’ button. Before plugging in, tap this button and follow the on-screen steps.

When prompted by the app, connect your EV to the charge point by plugging in. Once connected, tap the ‘Start Charge’ button on your screen.

Once the connection has been established, your app will show the ‘Charging…’ screen! Here, you can see how long your charging session has been, how many kWh you are pulling from the charge point, and even, the estimated price (for operators might allow this!)

Once your car is charged and you’re ready to leave, simply drag the ‘Slide to Stop’ toolbar across to the right-hand side of the screen - this will disconnect the charge.

To find out more on in-app charging, check out our blog:

The charge won’t start!

If you started the charge before connecting the cable to your EV - or the cable disconnected when the charge was starting up - you will need to re-attempt the charge. Disconnect the cable from the car and attempt to start the session again.

Top tip: When the app prompts you to 'Plug in now!', ensure that you have successfully connected and locked the charging cable to your EV before proceeding to the next step. 

If the cable is correctly connected to your EV, but the charge does not start, please ensure that you are at the correct charging point. If your charging point location has multiple chargers, please ensure that the charger you selected in the Electroverse app is where you are parked.

If you have followed the above steps but still can't start the charge, please get in touch with us:

The charge has stopped, but the cable won’t disconnect

If you have successfully stopped the charge, but the cable has not disconnected, tap the 'unlock connector' prompt at the bottom of your phone screen. This will magic up a manual override and unlock the cable. 

Still not disconnecting? Get in touch with the charge point operator using the support details located in the information tab in the drawer. They will have a direct connection with the charger to unlock the cable.

If you are still having issues - contact us at:

How do I know that my charge has started?

Your phone will display a charging screen, and you will be able to track the time duration of the charge.

We also recommend checking the charge point and your vehicle to see whether the charge has started.

Your EV will also display the remaining charge duration on the dashboard - if this disappears, simply turn on your EV to check again.

How do I stop a charge?

To stop a charge, drag the 'slide to stop' toolbar across to the right-hand side of your phone screen. If dragged across successfully, you'll be presented with 'charge stopped successfully!' and the confirmation of your charge. 

Once your phone displays this screen, you can disconnect the cable and carry on driving!

If your cable is stuck, here are a few top tips on what to do:

  • If you started the charge in the app, tap the ‘Having issues’ prompt at the bottom of your phone screen and hit ‘my cable is stuck in the chargepoint’. This will magic up a manual override and unlock the cable. 

  • In some cases, unlocking and locking your car can force the charger to disconnect - you may have to do this up to 7 times (bizarre, we know!).

  • Different EV models may have different disconnect buttons. Whether that’s on the screen inside of the EV or a physical one on the outside - it’s worth doing your research!

If it still doesn't unlock, get in touch with the charging operator directly, as they have a direct connection with the charge point and can remotely unlock the cable.

Can someone stop my charge using their Electroverse app?

No. If the charging cable is locked to your EV, someone else can't stop the charge from their phone - only you have that power!

Will I be able to track the kWh and the session price?

Yes (for operators which support this functionality)! While your EV is charging, the Electroverse app will provide updates on the charge duration, speed and price.

How do I select the correct charging point and charger for my charge?

When you are at the charging station location, select the charger compatible with your EV (e.g. CCS, CHAdeMo) - if you want to double-check, the charger ID in the Electroverse app should match the ID on the charging point.

Tap the 'start a charge' button and follow the instructions on your phone screen.

I selected the wrong charging point and someone else is using my charge - what do I do?

Stop the charge by dragging the 'slide to stop' toolbar across to the right-hand side of your phone screen. If you've done this relatively quickly, it's unlikely you'll be charged.

Once the charge has successfully stopped, if you have been charged please get in touch with us with the session details at:

Can I exit the charging screen while my car is charging?

Yes! Feel free to go back and browse the Electroverse map, check your emails or play a game - whatever you like.

If you leave the charging screen but remain in the app, you will see a 'currently charging' toolbar at the bottom of the map screen, which will take you back to the charging screen when tapped.

The Electroverse Network

Do you have more networks joining soon?

We're talking to most of the major networks in the UK & Europe, and the team is constantly working to make Electroverse the best and most comprehensive EV charging experience around. Any new networks that join will also appear in the app.

Watch this space...!

What features do you have planned next for Electroverse?

We're on a mission to simplify EV charging and as such we're always working on new features: from in-app charging & adding your EV details to route planning & more support for fleets.

If there's a particular feature you'd like to see please do email us at or leave us feedback within the app - we massively value your input and will prioritise development if we see any themes emerging.