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December 22

Electroverse features you should know (part 2)

Image show Octopus Electric Universe mascot, Zapman, using the Electroverse app to make public charging simple

We’re back with another run-down of Electroverse features you should be using to make your public EV charging experience as easy as possible.

If you’d like to read our previous blog on Electroverse features, please find it here: Electroverse Features You Should Know.

Let’s get plugged in…


In-app charging

Whether it’s a tricky charge point interface that you can’t figure out or if you just don’t want to spend a second longer in the rain, starting a charge from your phone is a great way to avoid unnecessary charging trouble. Fortunately, Electroverse has made this a reality.

The in-app charging feature means you can start - and stop - a charging session from within the Electroverse app. All you need to do is plug in.

Once the connection has been established, your app will show the ‘Charging…’ screen! Here, you can see how long your charging session has been and how many kWh you are pulling from the charge point. To get the latest data, use the refresh button.

To learn more about this feature, and read a step-by-step guide, check out our blog: How to charge your car… from your phone!

Charging history

Whether you’re a big fan of stats, or just need a receipt to claim an expense, we’ve got you covered.

To access your charging history, tap the middle button on the toolbar - this will take you through to your previous chargers. To download a receipt, tap into a specific charge and click ‘Download PDF’.

charging receipt screenshots

Filtering by Electroverse app

Did you know you can filter the map view to show chargers that are compatible with the in-app charging feature? Simply tap the filters button and scroll down to the ‘Access’ section. Tap ‘Electroverse App’ and then return to the map. The remaining charge points on the map are those compatible with in-app charging.

If you’d like a walkthrough on how to use the in-app charging feature, take a look at our blog: How to charge your car… from your phone!

Photo shows how to filter the Electroverse EV charging map by access type

Redeem a code

It could be that you’ve got a nifty code to redeem for charging credit - lucky you! - but you’re not sure how to redeem it. Well, good news. We’ve created a ‘Redeem a code’ section within your app account. Simply tap on the ‘Redeem a code’ button, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can input your code. If you run into trouble, just reach out to us at

Photo shows the redeem a code function in the electric universe app

Order a new Electrocard

From ordering your first Electrocard to replacing an old one, whatever your reason, ordering a new RFID card is as easy as pie.

Simply go into your Electroverse app and find the 'My Electrocards' section within your account. Once tapped into, you'll be greeted by all your active cards.

To order a new Electrocard, scroll across to the right until you're presented with a blank card with a button to 'order new card'. Tap this button and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the delivery details have been confirmed, the order will be processed and your new Electrocard will be on its way to you (within 7 days, generally!). A confirmation email will also be sent out to you.

To read more about ordering Electrocards, read our blog: How to order an Electrocard (& what to expect once you have!)

Image shows how to order Electrocards using the Electric Universe app

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