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April 24

How to use the Electroverse route planner

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On the Electroverse app and website, there are plenty of features which could easily evade your notice! Plus, if it’s your first time using the Electroverse, there may be some new buttons and functions which you don’t know how to navigate.

This is the start of a blog series, showing you how to utilise the Electroverse to the fullest! Starting with a 10-step how-to on the Electroverse route planner.

Let’s get plugged in…


Step 1:

Make sure you’re logged in! The route planner is full of innovative filters to ensure your journey is tailored to your EV and its road trip needs.

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Step 2:

Tap the route planner button, on the right hand side of the Electroverse app map, to get started.

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Step 3:

Select the EV you want to take on this journey!*

Once you’ve done this, your route will be tailored to this specific car e.g. finding charge points with the correct charging connector ports.

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*If this is not an option, you will need to add the EV by heading into the profile section and tapping on ‘My EVs’. From here you can add an EV by typing in its number plate or by manually searching for the vehicle - you’d need to choose its make, model and sometimes the make version/model date.

Step 4:

Start your road trip at your current location OR type in the address of where you would like your route to begin.

Step 5:

Adjust your start and end charge. If you’d like to arrive at your destination with plenty of charge left for your next trip, you can type in the amount of charge you’d like to have at the end. The route planner will change the amount of stops that are needed accordingly!

Step 6:

Type in your destination - whether that’s the postcode, name of the place, or general area (town, city), we’ve got you covered!

Step 7:

Add however many waypoints you’d like. Take a break in a neighbouring town, visit some friends/family along the way or go straight there, up to you!

Step 8:

If you’d like to exclusively use chargers compatible with your Electrocard, or Electroverse in-app charging, toggle the ‘Electroverse only’ button.

Additionally, if you’d like to steer clear of tolls on your road trip, toggle the ‘avoid tolls’ button.

Step 9:

Tap ‘Calculate route’ to get our octo-bots whiring!*

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*The time this can take will vary depending on your route length.

Step 10:

From here you'll see all the details of your route: arrival charge, how many stops you’ll need to make, time charging and many more!

If you’re happy with your route, tap ‘start route’ and select which navigation app you would like to use (e.g. google maps, apple maps, carplay). Your journey (stops and all!), will be transferred over to your chosen app.

For some less in-depth descriptions of some of our funky features, check out our blog series:


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