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August 22

How to order an Electrocard (& what to expect once you have!)

image shows zapman using the electric juice card at a charging station with an EV

Whether you’ve read the EV community raving about them on social media, or have seen other EV drivers using them at charging stations, it’s time for you to get your own Electrocard!

Whatever your preference, desktop or mobile, you can use either to sign up and order your free Electrocard. Simply follow the below steps and get ready to access hundreds of thousands of charging stations across the UK and beyond.

Let’s get plugged in…


Creating an Electroverse account

While you’re free to explore the map without signing in to Electroverse, in order to access and charge at the hundreds of thousands of compatible chargers, you’re going to need to sign in. This can be done via desktop or the Electroverse app (available on Google Play and the App Store).

Once you’ve signed in, you can link your Electroverse and Octopus Energy account - meaning any charges will be billed through your existing direct debit! If you would rather pay via a different method, you can change your payment methods in your Electroverse account via the app.

For more information about how Electroverse and Octopus Energy accounts work with each other, please visit our FAQs section.

sign up to electroverse screen inserts

If you’re not an Octopus Energy customer or want to create a new login, you can do this too!

Simply tap the ‘new account’ (desktop) or ‘create account’ (app) button and complete the relevant fields, including a password and a valid payment method.

Passwords must not be less than 8 characters, be generic words (such as password or football), or be based on your name or email address.

Image shows desktop and app versions of the account creation fields for Electric Universe

Adding a payment method

A valid payment method must be added in order for your Electrocard to be sent. Once this has been added, your account set-up is complete and your Electrocard will be on its way! You will receive a confirmation email to let you know when to expect it (within 7 days, generally!), how to download the app, and how to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

While you wait for your Electrocard to be delivered, why not check out the app and start charging via the in-app charging function? To learn more, check out our blog: How to charge your car... from your phone!

Electroverse app on phone screen and card

Ordering additional Electrocards (and cancelling old ones!)

From replacing missing Electrocards to just wanting a backup in your glove box, whatever your reason, ordering a new RFID card is as easy as pie.

Simply go into your Electroverse app and find the 'My Electrocards' section within your account. Once tapped into, you'll be greeted by all your active cards.

To order a new Electrocard, scroll across to the right until you're presented with a blank card with a button to 'order new card'. Tap this button and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the delivery details have been confirmed, the order will be processed and your new Electrocard will be on its way to you (within 7 days, generally!). A confirmation email will also be sent out to you.

To cancel an old card, return to the 'My Electrocards' section in your app account. Scroll across until you have the relevant card screen in front of you. Here you'll have the option to 'cancel card'. Select this option and follow the instructions until the card cancellation has been confirmed. You'll also receive an email to confirm that this cancellation has been processed.

Image shows how to order Electrocards using the Electric Universe app

Want a walk-through of the Electroverse app and its functions? Say no more. Take a look at our blog: How to use the Electroverse app.


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