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May 2023
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April 2024

How to use an Octopus Electrocard

Octopus Electroverse electrocard on EV charge point

Whether you've just received your Octopus Electrocard or still need to order one (psst, you can learn how to do that here), we want to make sure that you know how to use it.

Our below video tutorial will take you through the basic steps, and show you how simple using an Electrocard is when starting a charge.

Let's get plugged in...


1. Connect the EV to the charge point using a suitable cable

2. Tap your Electrocard on the charge point's RFID reader; the charge should start within a few seconds!

3. Remember to check your EV to ensure it's charging

4. When ready, tap the Electrocard on the RFID reader again to stop the charge

5. You can now safely disconnect the charging cable. The charging receipt should appear in your Electroverse app (charging history) within 24 hours.

Green/purple charging lead divider

If you come across a broken charge point, or experience problems when activating a charge with your Electrocard, the best thing to do is reach out to the charge point operator as it is likely a problem with the hardware.

If the problem persists, or you are unable to start a charge at any charge point, we recommend reaching out to us ( and reporting an issue in the app.

Check out our blog, to discover more about Electrocard errors and a step-by-step guide on reporting an issue in-app.


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