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March 2023
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Local electric taxis

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If city life is the one for you - and owning a car (any car!) isn’t practical - you can still contribute to saving our planet by travelling emission-free!

Below is a list of taxi companies (based in UK cities) that are working on reducing CO2 emissions in their local area, ranging from one or two electric cars to a whole fleet!

Let’s get plugged in…




Uber has pledged to support all of its drivers when making the switch to electric vehicles - their Clean Air Plan was created with the goal of becoming an all-electric platform in London by 2025!  Since 2019, Uber has accumulated over £145 million to help drivers switch to EVs, also stating they have invested £5 million in public electric vehicle chargers.  Due to their efforts, over 700 EV charging stations will be built into the London ecosystem!

Learn more about Uber's green movement here.

Uber logo and website


ECONYQ is a sustainable chauffeur service, providing services such as Airport Transfers, Business Chauffeurs and Event Chauffeurs.  Their zero-emissions fleet is entirely electric, with the latest carbon-neutral Mercedes Benz EV range. On top of its environmentally efficient fleet, ECONYQ supports the United Nations SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) initiative, which aims for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.  Helping support the 17 goals the SDG represents, ECONYQ pledged to invest 5% of its profit into underdeveloped communities!

ECONYQ logo and website

Sherbert London:

Sherbert London acknowledges the bad air quality in London and is, therefore, one of the few taxi companies in the city that are entirely electric! They hope to contribute to a greener future, advocating for ethical businesses and encouraging other companies to follow their environmentally conscious path.

Sherbert London logo and website

Electric London Taxi:

Electric London Taxi has made going electric intrinsic to its branding, as they believe it is important to keep both the customer and the planet happy.  This black-cab service upholds the classic vision of a London taxi whilst creating no further damage to our planet!

Electric London Taxi logo and website


Whilst MiniCabRide operates around the whole of the UK, its journey to becoming a zero-emissions company has begun in London.  With a new Tesla in their range, the company is aiming to make the city of London a sustainable place!

Minicabride logo and website
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A1 Settle Cars:

A1 Settle Cars, a car rental company, recently added a Toyota Auris Hybrid Estate to their fleet, taking their first step towards a greener future.

A1 Settle Cars logo and website

Mad Day Out Beatles Taxi Tours:

Ian Doyle runs a small Taxi Tours business, in which he guides people around Liverpool in a Beatles-themed excursion.  Yes, you read that correctly! Ian is passionate about the band The Beatles and has unlimited knowledge of their history he wants to share with the world.  His tours take place in an electric, zero-emissions cab, with accessibility for those in wheelchairs, and was awarded Travellers’ Choice on Tripadvisor in 2021.

May day out beatles taxi tours logo and website
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Ecars Private Hire:

ECars provide 24-hour service, you can pre-book your taxi online for general use or Birmingham Airport transfers.  Their fleet has a variety of vehicles, including the Toyota Prius Hybrid, and they’re consistently trialling new electric cars to build up their zero-emission fleet.

Ecars Private hire logo and website
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In StreetCars’ efforts to maintain an eco-friendly business, they have a wide range of hybrid vehicles, helping reduce emissions in heavily built-up areas in Manchester. StreetCars’ efficient GPS also ensures that the relevant drivers are chosen, i.e. the ones closest to the pick-up location, to avoid unnecessary journeys.

Streetcars logo and website
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E-City Chauffeur:

E-City offers exclusively electric tours from Edinburgh!  If you want to explore the gorgeous scenery of Scotland in the serenity of a private EV, E-City is the company for you.  Just a few of their day tours include: Escaping to the Highlands, Whiskey Tours and Tastings, and Fife’s Coasts and Waters. Go to their website to learn more!

E-city chauffeur logo and website
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Ecosse EV:

With their fleet of Teslas, Ecosse EV is a chauffeur service solely made up of electric vehicles.  Book their cars for a simple journey across town - leisure or business - or, Ecosse EV also offers their services for exciting occasions such as weddings!  So whether you want a lift from the airport or a tour around Scotland, Ecosse EV will provide an eco-friendly journey.  They are also recognised as having The Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award!

Ecosse EV logo and website
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Electric Taxi Scheme:

Whilst Cardiff is a bit behind the times when it comes to electric taxis, the Welsh government has decided to fund an Electric Taxi Scheme that allows taxi drivers to drive an EV taxi on a trial basis. For 30 days, the driver can experience the financial and environmental benefits of driving an EV, helping encourage them to make the switch.

Electric taxi scheme logo and website
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Apple Taxis:

With 50+ hybrid vehicles in their fleet, Apple Taxis were accredited for their eco-friendly business in the Devon Environmental Business Initiative awards, where they were runners-up in 2011.  They have invested time and money into their Smartphone app, making bookings with Apple Taxis in Exeter fast and easy.

Apple Taxis logo and website
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Tony Turner:

Back in 2020, Tony Turner became the second registered EV taxi in Brighton.  Tony’s TX Electric Taxi is a hybrid with a range of 60-80 miles with a fully charged battery. 

“I’ve got a home charger and to fully charge the battery costs me about £3. I’m probably saving between £150 - £180 a week… I’ve always been for helping the environment and improving air quality and really this was the only way to go.” - Tony.

Read more about Tony on the Brighton and Hove City Council website.

Tony Turner logo and website

Brighton & Hove electric taxi network funding:

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) has granted the city £468k to help fund electric taxi hubs and rapid charging stations.

The plan is for EV taxis to be supported by new infrastructure, as the council provides four rapid charging EV hubs in the city. Each hub will have three rapid charging stations solely for taxi use. The future for EV taxis in Brighton is on its way!

Brighton and hove city council logo and website
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EcoZero Taxis

Based in Washington, on the outskirts of Sunderland, EcoZero Taxis has a 100% electric fleet - their sole vehicle a Tesla Model S.  Their services extend over Sunderland, Washington, Durham and South Tyneside.  With luxurious EVs and fixed airport transfer prices, EcoZero Taxis provide a sustainable, comfortable and cheap service.

To book a taxi with them, simply download their app or contact them via email or phone (listed on their website, linked above).

EcoZero Taxi Logo and website

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