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January 24

Octopus Electroverse 2023 Wrapped

Electroverse 2023 A Year in Review - header

2023 has been another huge year for the Electroverse - from new partners to the release of plunge pricing - let’s take a peek at some of our favourite electric moments…


CO2 savings...

From December 2022 to December 2023, the Electroverse community has saved around the equivalent of CO2 that 523,602 octopuses weigh! That’s 490,000 more than last year!!

Want to know how much CO2 you saved through public charging with the Electroverse? Tap into the charging history tab in the Electroverse app and check out your 'Lifetime CO2 saved’.

Take a look at some other fun features in the app here: Electroverse Customisations.

Partner total 2023 - wrapped screenshot

Electroverse partners with...

In 2023, our list of partnerships only grew! Now, with thousands of charge points available in the UK and Europe, we're setting our sights further afield and hoping to take on the globe!

Since December 2022, Electroverse has partnered with 325 new charging networks (making that 583 total)!

A few examples being: Instavolt, Be.EV, Connected Kerb, Pogo, Evyve and so on...

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How many charge points..?!

With a year of exciting partnerships come charge points, and at the end of 2023 the Electroverse had a total of 630,000+ compatible charge points across the UK and beyond!

With more charge points to choose from than ever before, 2024 is the year to plan your EV adventure! Make sure you're prepared and check out our blog on Top tips for long road trips.

Image shows Octopus Electric Universe mascot, Zapman, using the public charging network to charge EV

Refer a friend...

It's never too late to meet new friends!

In 2023, the refer a friend feature was used more than ever before - with over 5,000 of you sharing the Electroverse love!

Split £10 charging credit with each friend that signs up using your link, this can be found in your Electroverse app under 'Refer a friend'.

refer a friend asset

Customising your Electroverse app...

We like to make it personal - in a good way! There are plenty of languages to choose from, so, if you fancy practising your Italian, switching up your Electroverse account is the way to do it.

Plus, in 2023 we added a few new customisation features!

  • Prefer kms to miles? Change it anytime under User preferences!

  • Want to try a new map style? There are lots to choose from but satellite seems to be the fan favourite!

kms - miles electroverse wrapped 23

EV road trip extravaganza...

One of you blew us away! With an EV road trip, all the way from Pembrokeshire, Wales to Legoland, Malaysia!!

It's approximately 6,644 miles (10,692 kms) from Wales to Malaysia!

Pembrokeshire - Legoland, Malaysia - Electroverse Wrapped 2023

Charging sessions completed...

Despite this lengthy road trip, someone else still had you beat - one of you, in 2023, completed 989 charging sessions using Electroverse!

Will you be the one to top this in 2024?

989 charging sessions - electroverse wrapped 2023

Plunge Pricing released in 2023...

Finally, released at the end of 2023, Plunge Pricing is an exciting new feature in the Electroverse! It encourages EV owners to use public chargers during a period of time with excess energy.

Check out the blog: What is Electroverse Plunge Pricing, to find out more on the exciting discounts this creates!

Octopus Electroverse Plunge Pricing graphic

Thank you Electroverse Community - here's to an even bigger and better, electric 2024!


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Interested in learning more? Head over to our Electroverse Community area for more electrifying content.