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June 2024
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June 2024

Octopus Electroverse teams up with GWM ORA for a Clean Air Day road trip

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To celebrate Clean Air Day 2024, Octopus Electroverse has joined forces with GWM ORA for an unforgettable summer road trip, featuring Tom, a car collector and EV enthusiast, and Charlie, a car geek and EV expert.


Armed with the Electroverse route planner and our trusty GWM ORA 03, they hit the road for a sustainable adventure along the south of England packed with scenic charging spots and eco-friendly fun. Their journey showcased how effortlessly you can travel long distances in an electric vehicle while making a positive impact on air quality.

Read about their journey below!

Let’s get plugged in…


First- a bit about Clean Air Day

The brainchild of environmental charity Global Action Plan, Clean Air Day was established in 2017 and has rapidly gained momentum, becoming the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. Recognised by both the UK Government and the World Health Organization, air pollution is acknowledged as the largest environmental threat to our health, linked to over 43,000 deaths annually in the UK.

Clean Air Day plays a crucial role in raising awareness about air pollution and exploring ways to improve air quality. It also showcases the possibilities of a future with cleaner air, inspiring us all to take action and make a difference.

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And now, over to Charlie and Tom:

Kicking off…

We started our journey in Wimbledon, London – with hundreds of chargers available, you can easily top up your EV and get ready for the adventure ahead.

We had charged overnight, so our car was ready to go, but depending on whether you need to charge - and how fast your charge is - you could have time to explore Wimbledon. The tennis grounds are open are open all year long - not just for the championship!

Once we set off, we were just a two-hour trip away from breathing in the fresh countryside air and the excitement of the open road had us ready for an unforgettable journey!

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First stop: a farm shop!

We set off to our first stop with the Electroverse route planner seamlessly guiding us on our way, and in just under two hours, we were pulling into the delightful Salts Farm Shop.

Salts Farm Shop made for an ideal pitstop, not only because of its six Instavolt chargers, ensuring we could quickly top up our EV, but also because of its convenient café and shop packed with fresh, local produce. The homemade pastries and freshly brewed coffee were impossible to resist, making it a perfect spot to recharge ourselves while our car did the same.

Farm shop

For those looking to stretch their legs, the farm shop offers more than just treats. You can wander through the garden centre or simply enjoy the scenery.

With our car and spirits recharged (in no time at all!), we hit the road again, in search of our next scenic charging stop (though admittedly, we didn't need to charge!)

Hitting the coast 

For our next stop, we headed out to the coast to soak up some refreshing sea air. The salty breeze and crashing waves were a delightful change of scenery, and the perfect backdrop for our sustainable road trip.

While we were there, we took advantage of the Electroverse photo submission tool. This nifty feature allows you to share photos of chargers, helping fellow EV drivers find the best spots. Plus, by participating, you could win charging credit in our monthly photo competition. It's a fun way to connect with the EV community and support each other on the road.


After a brisk seafront walk, we sat down to chat about Clean Air Day:

In the UK, transport produces a third of the UK's total CO2 emissions (91% from road vehicles and tailpipe emissions), so Clean Air Day is a poignant reminder of the importance of reducing inner-city air pollution, and how using EVs can make a tangible difference.

By choosing electric (and zero tailpipe emissions), EVs directly contribute to cleaner, healthier air for everyone.

The grand finale 

Our scenic sustainable road trip wouldn't be complete without a final stop along the beautiful coast – Dymchurch! Just a short drive up from our previous seaside adventure, we arrived ready to explore.

Using the Electroverse route planner, we located a convenient slow charger in case we needed a top-up before heading back to London. But charging wasn’t our only focus; Dymchurch had plenty to offer!

Drone ORA

Make the most of your charging time here because there is a lot to do: with sandy beaches (yes, really!) take in the seaside views, or explore the local shops. Whether you're indulging in some classic fish and chips or soaking up the coastal vibes, Dymchurch is the perfect finale for an EV road trip.


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