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November 2023
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April 2024

Octopus Electroverse monthly photo competition

Image shows the Octopus Electric Universe mascot, Zapman, taking a photo of an electric vehicle charging station

Nearly a year into the Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition, and - as always - the Electroverse community has smashed it! With over 9,000 submissions to the Electroverse map, since the 'add photo' feature was added, it's been a hit!

Uploading your charge point photos is a great way to help other EV drivers easily find chargepoints. With three exciting categories to choose from - read below to find out how you could win up to £30 charging credit every month!

Let's get plugged in...


How can I upload a charge point photo to Electroverse?

Very easily! Tap into the charge point pin from the Electroverse map and tap the upwards-facing arrow to fully open the pin information.

Here you'll see existing photos of the charge point or an option to add photos. If you see existing photos, scroll to the right, and you'll be presented with the option to add photos.

Tap this button and start uploading - either from a picture on your camera roll or by taking a photo with your phone camera!

Phone screenshots of adding picture on app
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If you're in a rush and can't upload to the app straight away - take a photo of the charge point and upload it later! This means that you can snap multiple pics of different chargers throughout the day and upload them where you can. Remember to note the locations of the chargers - if you upload a picture of a wrong charge point, it will be rejected!

What are the photo competition categories?

Feel like winning some Electroverse credit? Well good news, with each photo submission you could be in with a chance to win £30 charging credit each month.

Check the categories below:

Favourite firsts = £30 credit

Even with 9,000 photos uploaded, there are still plenty of charge points without any photos! Be the first person to upload a picture to a charge point, and we'll pick our two favourites each month.

Each favourite will be credited with £30 charging credit!

favourite firsts asset for blog

Best seasonal photo = £30 credit

Rain or shine, snow or fog - electric vehicles need to charge, and we want to see the best seasonal snaps of this.

Upload a charge point photo depicting the season of the month, and the best seasonal photo will be credited with £30!

Seasonal photo comp blog

Most eye-catching photo = £30 credit

You'd be surprised how many eye-catching photos have been submitted about charge points... from the top of the Scottish highlands to the coast of Italy, there's a lot to be said for scenic charging (something you don't get from a petrol forecourt).

If you find yourself charging somewhere stunning - or even just interesting to look at - take a photo and upload it to the Electroverse map. You might just win £30 credit.

Eye-catching photo asset
purple/pink charging lead divider

That's £120 in charging credit to be won every month, so get out there and start submitting!

Winners will be notified via email, and we’ll be sharing the good news via our social media channels on the first working day of each calendar month.

(There may be some delays with announcements during Bank Holidays and other seasonal breaks)

If you have any questions about this competition or would like to have a chat, please drop us a message at


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