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May 24

Which charging discounts can EV drivers get with Octopus Electroverse?

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It's true - charging rates vary from provider to provider, and as an EV driver you should always be on the lookout for discounts. But who wants to spend their time searching for lower rates? Wouldn't it be easier if the discounted rate was just applied?

The good news is that through Octopus Electroverse you'll be getting cheaper charging through a variety of ways - not least, because we never mark up prices, directly passing through the rate set by the relevant network instead.

As the world's largest charging network (yes, really!), here at Electroverse, we've got a fair few discounts for our community - with more discounted rates (and ways to get charging credit) being created every day.

To save you from searching, below is a comprehensive list of all Electroverse discounts and benefits you can receive as a community member of Octopus Electroverse.

Let’s get plugged in…


IONITY - 5% off for all customers

All Electroverse, all of our community members receive a 5% discount on the standard IONITY public charging cost across the whole of Europe! 

This discount does not need to be activated! Simply start a charge with your Electrocard or through the Electroverse app and the discount will be applied automatically.

Fancy learning more about IONITY? Tap on the subheading above and head to our 'IONITY joins Octopus Electroverse' blog!

IONITY charging stations

Osprey - 20% off every day between 7 - 11pm

In this unique pricing trial, Osprey and Electroverse have teamed up to provide you with 20% off on their public charging network between 7 - 11pm!

This discounted period applies to every Osprey charger and can be accessed by every Octopus Electroverse community member.

Once again, like IONITY, no activation is needed - our flexible tariffs make room for exciting discounts such as this! Charge your EV between these times and the discount will be applied automatically.

Osprey EV accessible chargers

Plunge Pricing

Plunge Pricing is our latest in exciting Electroverse discount events, which take place regularly in the UK!

When there is a surge of renewable energy on the grid, we provide discounts on some of our partners' public charging. High energy + low demand = exciting rewards for Electroverse customers!

With flexibility at its core, Plunge Price discounts will change with each event - ensuring the Electroverse community gets the best discount for the event period.

So, while a Plunge Price one day might bring you a 20% discount, the following week could see discounts of up to 50% off!

Head to our 'What is Electroverse Plunge Pricing' blog to learn more!

The best way to be notified of a Price Plunge event is to turn on Notifications in the Electroverse app - but we'll also give updates across our social channels at least 24 hours before an event is to take place:





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Monthly photo competition - win Electroverse credit!

Every month we have an Electroverse photo competition where you can win up to £30/30€ in charging credit (across the UK and Europe)!

One of the features in the Electroverse app is 'Add photos'. This involves taking a photo of a charging station (or selecting a previous photo from your camera roll) and uploading it to the chargepoint location! Once the photo is accepted by Electroverse, you are automatically in the running to win one of the three categories.

Head to the 'Octopus Electroverse monthly photo competition' blog to find out more!

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Refer a friend - £10 credit split

Another great feature in the Electroverse app is, 'Refer a friend'!

If you have a friend, family member or simply feel like sharing the love with another EV driver, you can 'refer a friend' to the Electroverse and split £10 charging credit!

Head to the 'Refer a friend' area in your Electroverse app (which you can find in the Profile tab to the far right!). Once you're in, you can copy and share the provided link or, if they're standing right next to you, they could scan your QR code.

Once that friend has signed up and made their first charge, you will both receive £5 credit to put towards your next charge!

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But wait, there's more...

5% discount for Octopus Go customers or 8% for Intelligent Octopus Go customers

If you are an Octopus Go customer or an Intelligent Octopus Go customer, you can get a 5% or 8% discount across the whole of the Electroverse.

To access this discount, all you need to do is link your Octopus Energy and Electroverse accounts. For more information on how to complete this link up, check out our handy FAQs.

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This blog will be continuously updated when new discounts and benefits are released!


Feeling enlightened, or do you think something was missing? Let us know by sharing your feedback.

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