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March 23

How to rent an EV

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Ever wanted to rent an electric vehicle for a long weekend, or maybe longer?

It could be that you’re trying to make up your mind about a specific model, or maybe you want to drive an EV for the first time. Fortunately, there are now rental companies that specialise in electric cars!

Let’s get plugged in…


EV Hire

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Launched in 2017, EV Hire has curated a great list of performance and luxury EVs available for hire in the UK. Age requirements differ from vehicle to vehicle, but there is a standard 2-day charge for all rentals. There’s a home delivery/pick-up service, and some vehicles offer unlimited mileage.

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EVGO Logo/website

EV Go is a Tesla rental specialist, offering additional chauffeur and transfer services. They also offer home delivery and pick-up service.

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EVision Electric Vehicles

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EVision Electric Vehicles is the UK’s first and largest pure electric vehicle rental company. They offer home delivery and pick-up services, and all of their vehicles are recharged at 4 UK locations with 100% renewable energy from solar energy.

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Voltage Logo/Website

Volt-Age offers a good range of electric vehicles to rent, either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Age requirements differ from vehicle to vehicle, and there’s a home delivery and pick-up service. 

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Turo Logo/Website

Turo can be compared to the Airbnb of electric vehicle renting. Simply search for EVs in your area and book them out for your specified dates. The minimum age requirement is 23, and some vehicles do have the option to be dropped off at travel hubs like airports, train stations, and hotels, or at custom delivery locations.


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