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March 2024
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April 2024

Charged: 15 Questions with... EZ-Charge

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EZ-Charge are the newest addition to the Electroverse and we couldn't be more excited to have them on board!

Committed to making EV driving easier, EZ-Charge work with both drivers and site owners to make sure they are getting the most out of their electric experience. Having started in 2020 EZ-Charge has expanded to over 30 sites with multiple charging stations at each.

To learn more we decided to sit down with Philip Shadbolt OBE, CEO of EZ-Charge, to get the inside scoop and hear all about their future plans.

Let's get plugged in...

(*You can check where your nearest EZ-Charge charger is by searching the map or using the app filters)


Let's chat EZ-Charge...

Give us a bit of background - how did EZ Charge start?

EZ-Charge started as the result of an Innovate UK Award. We received £5M as part of a collaborative project with University of Oxford & Oxfordshire County Council to develop an EV charger. These were rolled out in a large scale pilot across twenty car parks in Oxfordshire.

As a direct result of this project EZ-Charge was formed in 2020 and we went on to install 250 Fast chargers.

Where was the first EZ-Charge electric charging site? How many charging sites do EZ-Charge now operate?

The first was in Bicester Cattle Market, we now operate about 30 sites with multiple chargers in each location.

These locations tend to be central to communities, such as town centre car parks.

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You offer business and site owners a unique dashboard with live data from their chargers. How does this impact EV drivers looking to charge with EZ-Charge?

Our dashboard is aimed at site owners rather than users, it details all charger operations – if it's working or out of use along with service and utilisation data– it's ideal for the councils to have a quick view on how well their charging suite is operating.

Our app is focussed on users and will assist drivers in locating a charger, starting a charge and once a charge is complete, drivers can access receipts in-app.

It looks like you work closely with local authorities to increase charger availability - why are these partnerships important?

As most charger installs are on 15 year concessionary contracts, it is essential to form partnerships with local authorities.

They tend to be long term contract so trust and collaboration are essential to create a win-win for both parties.

When building a new charging site, what does EZ-Charge prioritise?

We look for location (close to road junctions, close to housing without access to home charging) and facilities.

There are several other factors to consider – like availability and capacity of the grid supply.

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Transport is still the largest emitting sector of CO2 and Greenhouse Gasses, meaning EV adoption and decarbonising travel is essential. Can you tell us about EZ-Charge’s ESG commitments?

Since the business started our focus has always been about using innovation to facilitate the shift to a low carbon world.

We have developed innovation in buses to reduce carbon emissions by 8%, we have also created solar powered LED lighting, so low carbon is embedded in our culture.

What charging speeds do EZ-Charge currently offer, and what’s the future looking like for faster charging?

Our chargers, which are developed by our sister company Zeta, are currently dual 22kW fast chargers.

Zeta are also looking to develop some rapid chargers at the end of 2024 so hopefully that is something we will be able to offer when the time comes.

Are there any areas in the UK that EZ-Charge is planning to expand into?

We want to stay focused on delivering an excellent charging experience locally so we are now looking to move outwards from Oxfordshire and work in the home counties.

What’s the vision for EZ-Charge in 5 years?

Our mission won't waver from being the charge point of choice for our users. To achieve that we are focusing on improving our technology and service.

The vision has always to be the simplest and most reliable chargers available and I think we are achieving that very well – especially when you look at some of our reviews.

We aim to install over 5000 chargers in the next 5 years.

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Why are partnerships like EZ-Charge and Octopus Electroverse crucial to the public charging infrastructure?

Not only is roaming soon to become a legal requirement, it is essential to offer an inclusive charging experience.

It opens up our network to anyone with an Electroverse account.

About You...

Philip Shadbolt OBE, CEO of EZ-Charge


What’s your dream electric vehicle?

I am lucky enough to drive a Tesla at the moment and I love it – but I will be interested to see the new Polestar offer that comes out later this year.

What’s the longest journey you’ve completed in an EV - and can you share the total mileage?

Nothing too fancy I am afraid – a round trip to Yorkshire – about 350 miles – it was super simple using the Tesla charging network.

Do you have an EV life hack to share with the EV community?

Almost too many!

  • Plan your charging so you are topped up when you have a long journey coming up.

  • Use preconditioning to clear the frost from your car,

  • Use Electroverse – it's so easy.

  • Get a free RFID from us if you live / work in Oxfordshire.

  • Finally- smile that you are doing your bit to save our planet !

What advice would you give someone looking to use an EZ-Charge charging location for the first time?

It's so easy – don’t be worried about it – just go and try it!

If you want to avoid the min fee of £3 on contactless, then download and use the EZ-Charge app.

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And finally - an EV etiquette question - what would you say is the golden rule to using a public charger?

When you have finished charging – please move your car to allow other users to charge. You'd be surprised how many drivers don't do this!


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