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August 2023
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January 2024

EV News: UK's first Lithium refinery

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With 60% of electric vehicles on the road using Lithium-ion batteries, and the EV industry rapidly rising, the demand for Lithium is increasing every day.

Green Lithium is a company that has been working towards a greener production process for EVs and has officially been given the exciting go ahead, by the UK government, to build the first ever UK Lithium refinery!

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Why build a Lithium refinery in the UK?

One of the many advantages of having an EV is the environmental benefits and whilst EV lifetime emissions are known to be 70% less than a combustion engine, the production process is still rather carbon-intensive.

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With a Lithium refinery in the UK, the carbon footprint of the EV production process will be massively reduced. The production company, Green Lithium, has plans to use “low-energy processes, renewable electricity, hydrogen gas, and carbon capture technology”, aiming to achieve an 80% lower carbon footprint than traditional refineries.

Another positive of this build is the 1000 construction jobs for the locals it will provide, plus 250 long-term high-skill jobs for those who want to get involved once the project is up and running!

With an increasingly green production process, and an even greener lifespan, petrol and diesel cars will be no competition for the EV!

Who is in charge of the project?

Green Lithium is the company behind the project, soon constructing the Lithium plant in Teesside - North East England.

Their aim is to accelerate the growth and adoption of EVs in the UK, whilst maintaining environmental stability - the company has a no-waste plan, involving using recycled EV materials and creating a green and sustainable cycle!

When is this happening?

It has been promised that the plant will begin operations in 2027, and the stats are exciting! With the annual production of lithium chemicals predicted to be around 50,000 tonnes, Green Lithium claims this should be enough to provide batteries for 1 million EVs!

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