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May 2023
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May 2024

Introducing Octopus Electroverse for Business

octopus electroverse for business

As we all know the electric vehicle revolution is well and truly underway - in 2023, there were 315,000 fully electric vehicles sold in the UK (9.5 million sold globally)! However, did you know that vehicles for commercial/fleet use make up over 13.5% of the UK’s vehicle registrations? With more and more of these commercial companies/businesses making moves to electrify their fleet, we thought ensuring the process was simple was essential. 

Introducing Octopus Electroverse for Business, your go-to platform for managing your company's EV charging expenses and driver organisation.

Let’s get plugged in…


What is Octopus Electroverse for Business?

Octopus Electroverse for Business is a new product that will allow businesses to manage their EV fleets through a slick new online platform with customisable reporting functions. It will help overcome typical challenges businesses face when managing an EV fleet.

Companies can view and download charging history details like where and when charges took place and how much they cost – all in one dashboard. It can be broken down by group or individual driver. All bills appear in one consolidated invoice, enabling a full overview of the business’ EV charges at the tap of a finger.

The really great news? Drivers won’t be out of pocket. Gone are the days of claiming back expenses, as each assigned charging card (Electrocard) is linked to the business account. With each Electrocard comes access to over 600,000+ public charge points - you can see where drivers can charge by exploring our network map.

Drivers can also access Electroverse’s award-winning app, which includes access to handy features like the interactive global map showing chargers and availability, a route planner to plan journeys, and in-car support with Apple CarPlay, AndroidAuto and more.

Octopus Electroverse Ecosystem

How can I sign up my business?

Very easily! You can head straight to the Electroverse for Business page to find out more, or sign up directly here.

Fleets Dashboard & Octopus Electroverse App

Fancy learning more? Feel free to reach out to us at or head directly to the Octopus Electroverse for Business homepage.

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