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October 22

How to charge your car... from your phone!

Image showing the Electric Universe mascot, Zapman, starting an EV charge from their phone

Whether it’s a tricky charge point interface that you can’t figure out or if you just don’t want to spend a second longer in the rain, starting a charge from your phone is a great way to avoid unnecessary charging trouble. Fortunately, Electroverse has made this a reality.

In-app charging is here to stay! This feature currently works with Osprey, Mer,, Allego, and Ubitricity charge points, but with many more coming soon, we’ve written the below step-by-step guide to answer all your questions.

Let’s get plugged in…

With the Electroverse in-app charging function, waiting in the rain to make sure your car is charging is a thing of the past. Simply tap and charge!

Step 1

To check if a charging station is compatible with in-app charging, check its access information for 'Electroverse App' - this can be found within the charging station information.

If you’re already at a charging station that’s compatible with in-app charging, you’ll notice a ‘Start Charge’ button when you click on the charging pin. Before plugging in, tap this button and follow the on-screen steps. Remember, you don’t need to do anything with the charging station interface!

Electric Universe app showing compatible charge point with inapp charging

Step 2

 When prompted by the app, connect your EV to the charge point by plugging in. Once connected, tap the ‘Start Charge’ button on your screen.

*Please note this step can a few seconds for the connection to be established.

Electric Universe app showing the in-app charging process screen

Step 3

Once the connection has been established, your app will show the ‘Charging…’ screen! Here, you can see how long your charging session has been and how many kWh you are pulling from the charge point. To get the latest data, use the refresh button.

While some of you might prefer to watch the kWh go by, feel free to exit this charging screen as and when you like. If you leave the charging screen but remain in the app, you will see a 'currently charging' toolbar at the bottom of the map screen, which will take you back to the charging screen when tapped.

If for some reason, the connection fails, you will need to re-attempt the charge. Stop the charge from within the app, disconnect the cable from the car and start the session again.

Electric Universe app showing the in-app charging process screen

 Step 4

Once your car is charged and you’re ready to leave, simply drag the ‘Slide to Stop’ toolbar across to the right-hand side of the screen - this will disconnect the charge.

Once the charge has successfully disconnected, your app will show the ‘Charge Complete!’ screen. Tap the ‘Finish’ button to complete the process. Please note - depending on your car - you may need to unlock the cable manually.

To view/download the charging receipt, simply go to your charging history and click the relevant session!

Electric Universe app showing the in-app charging process screen

Video tutorial on how to use the Octopus Electroverse in-app charging feature

FAQs and Troubleshooting

If you have questions about in-app charging or require some troubleshooting, take a look at our FAQ page. Here you'll find answers to selecting the correct charging point from the app, how to disconnect a stuck cable, and many more frequently asked questions. An up-to-date list of compatible charge point networks is also on display.


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