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May 2023
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April 2024

Launch of ChargeUK

ChargeUK companies

Exciting news! On Friday 28th April, ChargeUK launched as the new trade association for the UK’s EV charging industry!

This project is uniting charge point operators and companies within the renewable energy sector; all inspired by their common goal: improving the charging network for electric vehicles.

Let's get plugged in...

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What's the plan?

ChargeUK brings together around 18 different companies in the EV world, their aim is to aid and deliver a world-class charging infrastructure to support the projected EV fleet of 2030. 

To help them achieve this goal, they are planning to invest £6 billion into installing and maintaining the charging infrastructure by 2030.

ChargeUK is starting their work immediately; within the next year (2023), their aim is to double the size of the network, installing tens of thousands of new chargers.  They will also be collaborating with the government - shaping policies and regulations needed to ensure the transition to Net Zero is successful.

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This project demonstrates the benefits of industry working together and, with the UK being one of the leading countries when it comes to EV infrastructure, it will ensure we keep heading in the right direction.

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The founding members of ChargeUK:

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Go check out their socials to learn more:



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This blog will be updated as and when we receive further information on the project!

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