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March 2024

Octopus Electroverse partners with Addison Lee

Addison Lee driver holds mobile phone with Octopus Electroverse opening screen displayed

London is a great place for zero-emission travel - from e-bikes to buses (there are over 1,300 zero-emission buses on the London circuit now!) - and taxi rides are no exception…

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to introduce fume-free journeys with Addison Lee, powered by Octopus Electroverse.

That’s over 2,000 private hire vehicles, zapped up and ready to take London dwellers where they need to go.


How will electric taxi rides benefit from the Addison Lee and Octopus Electroverse partnership?

Drivers of the Addison Lee electric taxis have full access to the Electroverse app and map - meaning they can:

  • Search, find and charge at nearby chargers - no matter where they are in London (or elsewhere - psst, there are over 650,000 chargers on Electroverse globally!)

  • Plan a route to a charger directly from their vehicle using the Electroverse navigation system via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto - after dropping their passengers off, of course

  • Benefit from the numerous helpful features that the Electroverse app has to offer #EV drivers (e.g. in-app charging, map filtering, exclusive discounts etc.) ️

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If you want to learn more about Electroverse app features, check out our blog: How to use the Electroverse app

For passengers in Addison Lee taxis - you'll be helping reduce the huge CO2 footprint that car journeys leave across London (and beyond).

Octopus Energy mascot, Constantine, sits on top of Addsion Lee taxi holding an Octopus Electroverse charging card

As we all know, road transport emissions need to come down drastically - a third of the UK's CO2 emissions come from road transport - and electric taxis are another great way to make this change.

So, if like Constantine, you find yourself in need of a lift from Big Ben to Richmond Park - electric taxis should be top of your list.

To read more media coverage about this partnership, we've gathered a few pieces below:


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