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November 2023
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April 2024

A beginner's guide to Octopus Electroverse

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New to the Electroverse? Or maybe you're just checking us out?

Whatever your reason, if you need a bit of guidance when it comes to signing up - or what to do once you have signed up - we'd love to help!

The blog will take you through the first few steps of your Electroverse journey & how best to utilise some of our features for a smoother-than-butter EV charging experience.

Let's get plugged in...


Download the Electroverse app and make an account in 3, 2, 1...

With over 650,000 chargers on Octopus Electroverse, we're one the largest EV charging networks out there, and signing up takes less than 30 seconds!

It's also completely free to sign up - no pesky subscription fees here.

Just type in your email address and click continue. We'll send you an email containing a magic link to sign you in (you'll also need to set a password - as a backup to the magic link!)

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If you’re a ‘toe-dip-before-plunge’ kind of person, no worries - feel free to explore the map before signing up. Pssst - there’s no paywall on Electroverse, but there are a lot of cool features waiting for you behind the login screen!

Are you an Octopus Energy customer?

Then you can link your Electroverse account! To do this, once you're signed in, head into 'Payment methods' and select your Octopus Energy account. Next, you will be taken to the Octopus Energy sign-in page; simply sign in with your Energy account details to link the two accounts.

By linking your accounts, your Electroverse charging sessions will be automatically added to your monthly energy bill - a simple way to see all your Octopus accounts and payments in one place.

You can see and download individual charging receipts for each charging session from the Electroverse app.

For more information on linking your accounts, head over to our FAQs.

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If you are on the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff, you get 8% off charging with Electroverse. Similarly, if you're on the Go tariff, you get 5% off charging with Electroverse.

Not with Octopus Energy yet?

Then no sweat!

If you don’t have an Octopus account (or would rather pay another way), a valid payment method (debit/credit) will need to be added to your Electroverse account. You can do this through your account in the app or website by heading to ‘Payment methods’ and following the instructions on the screen.

For accounts with payment cards linked, billing will occur after each charging session.

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If you want to learn more about the sign-up / sign-in process, check out our blog: How to sign up to the Electroverse app.

Checked out the Electroverse app and logged in?

Sounds like you’re ready to order an Electrocard - this handy RFID card is your key to accessing the entire Electroverse charging network. Simply tap your Electrocard on a compatible charge point and hey presto, you’re charging.

To order an Electrocard you’ll first need to set up a valid payment method…

Go into your account and select 'Payment methods' - here you'll be able to add (and replace) the payment card of your choice. Remember, billing happens after each charging session.

Time to order your free Electrocard!

You can do this via the app or website. Simply head into your account and click ‘My Electrocards’. Tap the ‘order new card’ button (or ‘+’ icon if using the app) and follow the instructions on the screen. Make sure you double-check the address and the name you want to appear on the card - once this is submitted, it’s very hard to change.

Once you’ve confirmed all the details, you’ll receive an email notifying you of its progress. Typically, Electrocards take around 7 working days to make their way to you - if you haven’t received it after this time, get in touch with us (

Image shows how to order Electrocards using the Electric Universe app
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To learn about ordering additional cards (or cancelling cards), check out our blog: How to order an Electrocard (& what to expect once you have!)

Start a charging session using the Electroverse app

Don’t let waiting for your Electrocard to arrive stop you from charging! Our in-app charging feature means you can start a charging session with any compatible charge point on the network. Learn more about in-app charging by reading our blog or watching the video tutorial.

Electroverse in-app charging feature
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If you have a compatible vehicle, you can also sign up for our Plug & Charge function - just plug in and start charging. No app, no card, no fuss. Learn how to get started here!

Use Electroverse in your car!

We’ve launched on Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Android Automotive OS - three different ways to access the Electroverse network straight from your EV. Through the car apps, you can:

  • Search and filter for chargers

  • See a list of nearby chargers

  • Get detailed charger info (e.g. speed, price, availability)

  • Navigate to a charger!

Learn how to get started with our blog: How to use the Octopus Electroverse car apps.

Graphic of an electric vehicle dashboard and the Electroverse car app

You're all set! But before you go...

Don’t forget - Electroverse has loads of handy features to help you find your next charge that bit easier.

You can:

  1. Filter the map by charging networks, speed (kW) and connector type (CCS, Type 2, etc.)

  2. Tap into a charge point to discover photos of the charger and important information like discounts and parking restrictions

  3. Plan an EV-friendly route with our route mapper - all you need to do is add your EV, and we’ll plot a journey that will keep you topped up and on the road!

  4. Use Electroverse straight from your car - we're Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Automotive OS ready!

Using the Electroverse app is easy, but if you’d like to learn a little more, check out our blog: How to use the Octopus Electroverse app.

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We've also created some handy video guides, which can be found on our YouTube channel:

  1. How to charge an EV (using an Octopus Electrocard)

  2. How to charge an EV (using the Octopus Electroverse app)

  3. How to plan an EV route or journey (using Apple CarPlay)

  4. How to plan an EV route or journey (using the Electroverse app)

  5. How to find information on your EV charge

  6. How to use rapid EV chargers (with the Octopus Electroverse app)

  7. How to use a rapid EV charger (with an Octopus Electrocard)

  8. Which charge points will work with my EV?


Feeling enlightened or do you think something was missing? Let us know by sharing your feedback.

Interested in learning more? Head over to our Electroverse Community area for more electrifying content.