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November 2022
|Last updated:
April 2024

MFG EV Power joins Octopus Electroverse

Copy of photo image of an MFG EV Power charging site

In July 2022, MFG EV Power joined the Octopus Electroverse network.

Being the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator, MFG used to be a place where only petrol and diesel vehicles could refuel... not anymore!

MFG EV Power offers high-speed, ultra-rapid charging alongside convenient retail and food-to-go. But what else is there to know? Read our interview with MFG EV Power, and learn how they're building the biggest and best ultra-rapid EV charging network.

Check where your nearest MFG EV Power charger is by searching the Electroverse network map.

Octopus Electroverse welcomes MFG EV Power

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