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April 22

Octopus Electroverse Features You Should Know

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Octopus Electroverse is here to make your EV driving experience as slick as possible - to do this our robot octopuses have created some handy features that you should know about (all these features work on both desktop and the app).

Let's get plugged in...

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You can toggle between ‘All Chargers’ and ‘Electroverse only’ on the map

This handy feature will let you switch visibility on the Electroverse map between all chargers and just those that accept the Electrocard. Simply tap the button to turn the toggle on and off.

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You can filter the map

Depending on the type of charger you want to see on the Electroverse map, you can filter via socket types, minimum charge points, charge point speeds, and networks. Simply tap the filter button to open the filter options. Remember to click ‘apply filters’ once you’ve selected your choices, or click ‘reset’ to remove any existing filters.

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You can plan a route via charging points

This exciting feature helps you plan a route via chargers across the UK and beyond. By adding your electric vehicle to Electroverse, not only will you will be able to select your starting location and destination, but also confirm how much charge you will start and end your journey on. To make your journey even easier, you can send the route to Google Maps on your phone or simply use the Electroverse App, now available on Android and Apple devices.

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You can refer a friend and earn charging credit

Did you know you could split £10 charging credit with each friend you refer and sign up to Electroverse? Simply log in to the app and go to your account. Click ‘refer a friend’ and either ‘share’ your unique link (via email or message) or ask your friend to scan the QR code presented on your screen.

Check out the FAQs for further details.


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