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January 2024

Octopus Electroverse photo competition winners - December 2023

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It was a soggy December but, with festive spirit and the excitement of the imminent new year, the EV community still managed to get out and share some great new charge point photos!

As always, a big thanks to everyone who submitted a charger photo in December - the first official month with our new competition categories!

If you'd like to enter our January draw, check out our blog Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition, for all the details.

Let's get plugged in....


Favourite firsts...

  1. George was one of our favourite firsts this month and has been credited £30 to his Electroverse account! His photo was taken in snowy Memmingen, Germany - check it out:

favourite firsts winner 2 - george

2. Our second favourite first was won by Krzysztof and they have been credited £30 to their Electroverse account! His night-time shot was taken off the Autostrada A2 in Poland - take a look:

Favourite firsts winner 1 - Krzysztof

Best seasonal photo

Won by Ingolf and has been credited £30 to their Electroverse account! The perfect amount of gloom and beauty - here is the wintery photo Ingolf took on the side of the A61 in Germany:

Ingolf seasonal pic December 23

Most eye-catching photo...

Won by Michael and has been credited with £30 to their Electroverse account. Here is the winning submission - Michael's EV sat charging by Lac de l'Ailette in France!

eye-catching photo Michael - December 23
purple/pink charging lead divider

Next month's competition is now open!

If you'd like to read more about these changes or find out how to enter the draw, check out our blog Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition for all the details.


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