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December 2023
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January 2024

Tips and tricks to overcome charging related dilemmas

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We understand things can go wrong! Despite all its exciting advancements, technology can still be temperamental. Plus, there’s always room for human error.

In this blog, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks on what to do when charging your EV hasn’t gone to plan.

Let’s get plugged in…


Let’s start with the big one… Running out of charge

The average range of an EV is 211 miles, and it’s only improving! According to the AA, “the proportion of electric vehicles running out of charge over the past few years has fallen by more than 70%”. In fact, in 2023, just 2.1% of EV breakdowns are out-of-charge related.

However, just in case the unlikely happens, we’d like to ensure the 2.1% know what to do!

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Step one: Don’t panic!

Most modern EVs will not only warn you when your battery is running low but will start automatically flagging the nearest charger once you’re below 5%. Your EV will also tell you how far you’ll be able to travel on your current charge, and this is often further than you’d think!

Step two: Put your hazards on and pull over

If you can’t make it to the nearest charger, put your hazards on and pull over out of the way as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Step three: Call roadside assistance

Once you’re safely parked, check where you are (the more specific, the better) and call your recovery company. Each recovery company works differently, so it’s worth looking into your company’s policy before heading out. AA and RAC also offer breakdown cover for EV out-of-charge incidents.

Step four: Settle in

If you’ve ever broken down in a fuel car, you’ll know the next part well; the waiting part is just the same in an EV (apart from you’re doing it in style).

Step five: Help is here!

Most EVs cannot be towed, so the company will have either brought a flatbed tow truck or a portable charger, to give you the boost you need to get to the nearest charge point!

Broken EV charger

First of all, you can help out your Electroverse comrades and report the broken charger on the Electroverse app - save them the disappointment (more on this in our blog: What to do if a charge point is broken or out of order).

Then take a look at the Electroverse map; it should be easy enough to find another charge point nearby and head in that direction.

For more information, check out our blog: What to do if a charge point is broken or out of order.

zapman holding broken charger

Broken charging cable


Whilst EV charging cables are built to be durable, things can always go wrong. Rapid EV charge points come with a tethered cable and these are more common than you’d think; if you’re at a charging station and find yourself without a working cable, the likelihood is there will be another charger down the road (or even on site!).

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If a tethered charging cable is broken, don’t forget to report it on the Electroverse app!

Flag an issue extra small


If your personal cable is broken, try asking one of your fellow EV owners to help you out! Often at larger charging stations you will be surrounded by other EV drivers - someone is likely to have a spare lead and a kind heart.

On the subject of spare leads, now might be the time to grab one! Save yourself from the stress of a broken cable simply by using your other one, or, be the hero in someone else’s broken cable story - either way, it’s always good to be prepared. There are a lot of places online to grab your spare lead but here are a few to get your search started:

EV Cables


EV Extras

No charging spaces

As the EV market grows, charging stations will get busier. On the other hand, because of this, the charging infrastructure is also rapidly growing! With new EV charge point proposals popping up all over the place, the idea is that charging will continue to be convenient, perhaps becoming even more so.

Often, the charging infrastructure isn’t the problem - sometimes, it can be other EV drivers! Make sure you’re not the person who refuses to leave the space until you hit 100% (read more about this in our blog EV charging station etiquette); efficiency-wise, it’s best to charge your EV to 85 - 90%.

Spaces full 3

For now, you can wait patiently or jump on the Electroverse map (app or web) and check out other nearby chargers! Simply tap on any one of the charge points (partnered with Electroverse) and it’ll tell you whether or not the individual charge points are available.


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