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April 24

The top EVs to buy secondhand

Top evs to buy secondhand

Are you looking to join the electric revolution but you’re on a bit of a budget? Well look no further as us lot over here at Electroverse have compiled a list of used EV’s that will give you the most bang for your buck. 

Whether you’re a city driver, a family in need of plenty of room, or you like to have the range to go that bit further, we have a pick for you. 

Let’s get plugged in…


What makes a good second hand ev? 

If you’re just in this for the recommendations (and some pictures of nice cars), feel free to zoom on ahead, but you might be curious about what actually makes a good second hand EV?

A huge part of what makes a good used EV is down to the previous owners. If your new-to-you EV has had regular maintenance visits, has had its battery cared for properly, and been driven efficiently, you should be on the right track to keep those good habits for many years to come. 

Another important factor to consider when choosing a used EV is the manufacturer. By choosing a high-quality EV from a trusted manufacturer, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is built to last, has been through rigorous testing, and has the highest quality materials and advanced technology. 

So what cars should I be looking for? 

Hyundai Ioniq Electric 

The Hyundai Ioniq continues to reign supreme in the Used Electric Car category for its unbeatable combination of affordability and features. Despite a flood of new zero-emissions options hitting the secondhand market, the Ioniq Electric remains unmatched. With prices as low as £9,000, even for early models equipped with a 28kWh battery, it offers an impressive claimed range of 174 miles.

For just a bit more, around £11,000, you can upgrade to the 38kWh model, providing an extra 20 miles of range and faster charging capabilities. 

Hyundai EV

Plus, most used Ioniq examples come loaded with luxury features like heated seats, adaptive cruise control, and a high-tech infotainment system with smartphone integration. With its unbeatable value and top-notch amenities, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric continues to be a standout choice for budget-conscious EV buyers.

Kia e-Niro

The Kia e-Niro shines as one of the top contenders in the electric car market, especially when considering a used purchase. Boasting an impressive range of around 280 miles, it stands out for its exceptional efficiency, efficiently utilising its modest 64kWh battery. 

Kia e-niro

Surprisingly, even on the motorway, where many EVs expend the most energy, the e-Niro maintains low consumption levels. Beyond efficiency, it excels in practicality, comfort, and technology. Equipped with a stellar infotainment system featuring Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, plus a robust and comfortable interior, the e-Niro offers a pleasant driving experience.

With Kia's generous seven-year warranty still covering most used models, reliability concerns are minimal, making the e-Niro an attractive option for savvy electric car buyers.

BMW i-3

Despite its avant-garde appearance and initially high price, the BMW i3 didn't achieve the market penetration BMW had envisioned. However, as a used car, the i3 presents a compelling option. It offers a delightful driving experience, low running costs, and a meticulously crafted interior loaded with cutting-edge technology. 

BMW i3

Additionally, i3 owners typically hold a deep appreciation for their vehicles, meaning as a second owner you’ll be inheriting a car that has been meticulously maintained! Win-win. 

Volkswagen e-Golf

When it comes to introducing new EVs, manufacturers have pursued two distinct strategies. Some opt for a bold and unconventional approach, aiming to captivate consumers with futuristic designs that redefine the electric driving experience. Others, like Volkswagen, take a more familiar route, offering EVs that seamlessly integrate into daily life without drawing attention to their electric powertrain.

This approach has proven successful with the e-Golf, a model that blends into the crowd with subtle blue accents and aerodynamic features, appealing to both VW enthusiasts and newcomers to electrification.


Initially equipped with a 113bhp electric motor and a 24.2kWh battery, early versions of the e-Golf boasted an official range of 118 miles, though real-world performance typically hovered around 100 miles. This range was adequate for urban commuting and serving as a supplementary vehicle in households.

Later updates in 2017 enhanced the e-Golf's capabilities, boosting power to 134bhp and increasing the battery capacity to 35.8kWh, resulting in improved acceleration and a commendable official range of 185 miles. These upgrades positioned the e-Golf as an even more versatile and compelling choice for everyday driving needs

Porsche Taycan 

The Porsche Taycan excels in every aspect, offering a sublime driving experience and top-notch interior quality. Among used Taycans, the most affordable options are typically found in the 4S trim, as this mid-range variant was among the first to hit the market.


Equipped with four-wheel drive and the optional 93kWh Performance Battery Plus, the 4S variant delivers a power output of 469bhp (with a boost to 523bhp for short bursts). While prices on the used market are attractively low, buyers should be cautious of potential reliability issues related to the infotainment system, which has shown mixed performance.

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So there you have it, secondhand EVs for every budget and lifestyle. Are you ready to take the plunge? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying Secondhand EVs for everything you need to know about purchasing some brand new wheels. 


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