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June 23

Your most frequently asked questions, answered!

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Are you out and about and need a question answered quickly? Check out our most frequently asked questions below to find your answer.

If you need further assistance, have a read of our complete FAQs or send us an email at

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Something's gone wrong!

My Electrocard has been rejected at a charge point - why?

Each charge point is looked after by its respective charge point operator. It’s unlikely your Electrocard is broken - if your charge isn’t starting, we suggest you contact the CPO directly as it may be due to signalling/connection problems. Their details can be found in the Electroverse app under the information tab for any charging point.

If the problem continues, then please contact us at

The charge point is broken or missing - why?

If the charger is broken, it’s the CPO’s responsibility to fix it. We suggest contacting the CPO directly - their information can be found by tapping into the charging pin in the Electroverse app and selecting ‘information’.

If the charge point is showing on the Electroverse map but isn’t there in reality, it is often due to out-of-date CPO data, incorrect coordinates, change of ownership etc.

Please let us know by using the ‘Report’ function, found in the charging point information tab in the Electroverse app, and our team of Octopus robots will get to work.

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For individual users

How much is it to charge with Electroverse?

Rates reflected in the Electroverse app are provided by the charge point operators (CPOs), and we never mark these up - providing discounts where possible. And you also won’t find any pesky subscription or holding fees here - just fair, transparent pricing!

The latest pricing for every network and each specific charge point is displayed in the Electroverse app. We always recommend checking the rates on the app before you start a session. 

Keep in mind: Rates might differ when charging with CPOs directly. The rate you see on the Electroverse app is the rate you will be charged.

How does billing work?

If you’re an Octopus Energy customer and have linked your Electroverse account, any charging sessions will automatically be added to your energy bill at the end of each month.

Don’t have an Octopus Energy account? The payment card under your Electroverse account (Profile > Payment Methods) will be charged weekly. The billing week runs from Monday - Sunday, with total charges for the week taken the following day.

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You can check your charging receipts at any time from the Electroverse app; just tap into the charging history icon on the toolbar.

Can I change or cancel my current payment method?

If you’d like to change your payment method, go to the ‘Payment methods’ section in the app, and press the ‘Replace card’ button.  If you’d like to cancel your payment method entirely, please email us at

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Can I get another card?

It's easy to order a new card. Simply head to the 'Electrocards' section in the Electroverse app and tap the ‘+’ icon.

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To cancel your card, please email us at We'll deactivate your Electrocard/s and any payment methods associated with Electroverse. If you're an Octopus Energy customer with a linked Electroverse account, don’t worry; your account and payment methods will not be affected.

For Octopus Electroverse for Business users

My Electrocard is lost/missing - can I order a replacement?

You’ll need to contact the account manager for your Octopus Electroverse for Business account - they can assign you a new card from within the Electroverse Business portal.

Do I need to add a payment method?

No, as a driver, you will not need to add payment methods - this will be actioned by the account manager for your Octopus Electroverse for Business account. If you have questions about billing, please contact your account manager.

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