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January 2023
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April 2024

Octopus Electroverse launches on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Product visual for the Octopus Electroverse ecosystem (RFID card, iOS, Android, Web, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto)

At Octopus Electroverse, we love creating new features that will help the EV community find their next charge that bit easier.

That's why, in January 2023, we announced the launch of Electroverse on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto! This blog will quickly take you through how to set up this function in your EV, and some of the other features that come with the new EV app.

Let's get plugged in...


How can I set up Octopus Electroverse in my EV?

Very easily! First things first, you'll need to download the Electroverse app to your phone and create an account. If you haven't used the phone app before, check out our blog: How to use the Octopus Electroverse app.

Once this has been completed, either by using a cable or Bluetooth, pair your phone and electric vehicle (check your EV handbook for more details) and tap the Electroverse car app now displayed on your EV screen. From here, you'll be able to:

🔌 Search and filter chargers
📍 See a list of nearby chargers
ℹ️ Get detailed charger info (e.g. speed, price, availability )
🧭 Navigate to a charger!

How can I navigate to a charger using my EV?

Fortunately, the Electroverse CarPlay and Android Auto app includes an inbuilt navigator, meaning you can follow the route from the app to the charger. No need to switch apps or double-check other route mappers; it's all included in the Electroverse car app.

And in case you were wondering... our navigator works across the entire Electroverse network, meaning you can use it to navigate a charge from Exeter to Barcelona (or further) if you wanted!

Does Electroverse Apple CarPlay and Android Auto cost anything?

No - Octopus Electroverse is completely free to use! You'll only be charged for the energy you consume when charging your EV. So, feel free to browse and use the web, mobile and cap app, however much you like!


Feeling enlightened or do you think something was missing? Let us know by sharing your feedback.

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