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June 2024
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June 2024

Electroverse for Business: Your most frequently asked questions, answered!

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Are you in a tough spot and need an answer quickly? Well never fear, we have got you covered!

We have gathered up the most frequent questions we get about Electroverse for Business but if your question isn't listed head over to our full FAQ's, or email us at

Lets get plugged in..

Contracts and billing

What are the contract terms?

There is no fixed contract, i.e. you can opt-out whenever! All you need to do is inform us via email at and you will only pay for your outstanding public charging and subscription costs.

How do I pay?

Payment is done via Direct Debit and this is required in order to setup your business account. Consolidated payment for any subscription costs and public charging completed will be taken once a month and wrapped up into one invoice!

Drivers just need to tap their card, or use the Electroverse app to start a charge, billing will be handled by your account manager.

Colleagues and drivers

Can my colleagues have platform access?

Once you have created an account, any colleagues you’d like as admins can be added to the platform by clicking ‘Add an admin’.

My Electrocard is lost/missing - can I order a replacement?

You’ll need to contact the account manager for your Octopus Electroverse for Business account - they can assign you a new card from within the Electroverse Business portal.

How will drivers be able to find chargers?

Drivers can use the Electroverse app to find chargers. When logging into the app, drivers must use the email address registered to their Electroverse for Business subscription (over half of charge points need to be activated by in-app charging!). For a detailed run-through of this process, check out our instructional video.

What businesses can sign up?

Who is Electroverse for Business for?

We are available for UK Businesses who need a public charging solution for their electric vehicles. If you are a Sole Trader, Limited Company, Partnership or Charity - please sign up! Keep your eyes peeled as we go international…

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Remember, if your question wasn't addressed in this blog, check our complete FAQs or send us an email at

If you’d like to learn how to use the Electroverse app, check out our Youtube channel for instructional videos or head to our community section to read our blogs and guides.


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