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April 23

How to use an untethered EV charger

Octopus Electroverse mascot, Zapman, charges EV using an on-street charger

Not every EV driver has a home charge point - many rely on the public charging network to keep them topped up and on the go, with chargers located on residential streets essentially becoming home chargepoints.

It's important to note that most of these residential chargers are untethered - meaning they do not come with a charging cable attached. So how do you use them?

For anyone who has yet to charge using an untethered charger, this guide will explain the process in 5 easy steps.

Let's get plugged in...


Step 1

If you need to locate an untethered charger, we recommend searching the Electroverse map for speeds up to 22 kW and with a Type 2 connector type.

Be sure to check the chargepoint information in the Electroverse app to see if parking restrictions or discounts are applicable for the time you want to charge. You can also look at photos of the chargepoint if they’ve been added by the EV community!

Step 2

Connect your EV to the untethered chargepoint using your own Type 2 charger.

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When you purchased/leased your EV it is likely that you would have been given a Type 2 charging cable - you'll need this in order to charge at an untethered charge point. This is usually found in the boot or hood storage. If you don't own a Type 2 charging cable, it might be worth looking to purchase one. You can do this online or from your EV manufacturer. To learn more about connector types, check out our blog: EV connectors and speeds.

Step 3

Start the charge either using your Electrocard or the Electroverse app. If you choose to start the charge using the in-app charging feature, you’ll need to confirm the chargepoint number (in the instance of multiple chargepoints nearby), which can be found on the physical chargepoint interface.

The in-app charging feature is really simple to use, but if you'd like a run-down before you attempt a charge, check out our blog 'How to charge your car... from your phone!' or watch the video below.

Step 4

Check that the charge has been initiated by checking your EV dashboard. Once confirmed, ensure that your cable is safely left (i.e. not a trip hazard!) and leave your vehicle to charge. Depending on the speed of the chargepoint, this could mean overnight, for a couple of hours, or until you’ve reached your desired charge percentage.

Step 5

Before you leave, remember to take a photo of the chargepoint and upload it to the Electroverse app - we run a monthly photo competition for which you could win up to £30 charging credit. For more information, check out our blog: Octopus Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition.

Which CPOs operate untethered chargepoints?

Numerous charging operators operate untethered chargers - more often than not, these are found in cities, towns and residential areas. Examples include:




Source London



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