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May 24

Octopus Electroverse photo competition winners - April 2024

eye-catcher may 24

April has been and gone in a flash but the Electroverse community still found time to upload some awesome photos to the app!

With all your help, Electroverse users are finding it easier than ever to find chargers; it helps when you know exactly what you're looking for!

If you'd like to enter our May draw, check out our blog Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition, for all the details.

Let's get plugged in...


Favourite firsts...


On the streets of South-East Berlin, Germany, Patrick submitted this clear charger photo - signs and all!

Thank you for the submission Patrick, you've won 30 € Electroverse charging credit!

favourite first may 24 - patrick ge


In the depths of an underground car park in Montpellier, South of France, Yurii posted this fab charger photo. With the blue ring of EV Zen lighting the way!

Thank you for the submission Yurii, you've won 30 € credit!

Favourite first 2 - Yurii But
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Top tip!

When taking a picture of the charge point, make sure you're outside of your EV with a clear view of the charger or the surrounding area - as long as it's clear and relevant, we'll love it!

Best seasonal photo

Alexander has been credited £30 for this pink shot!

This gorgeous tree in the West of York is in full bloom - a lovely depiction of April! We wish all chargers had such a pretty, colourful background!

seasonal photo may 24 - alexander

Most eye-catching photo...

Timothy has been credited £30 for this submission!

Submitted from Llanberis, in the North of Wales, this is a breathtaking photo! With the golden sun shining on the Snowdonia mountains in the distance, what a beautiful place to sit and charge up your EV.

eye-catcher may 24 Timothy Croker
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Next month's competition is now open!

If you'd like to read more about these changes or find out how to enter the draw, check out our blog Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition for all the details.


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