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January 23

Octopus Electroverse 2022 Wrapped

Image shows key illustrations celebrating 2022 for octopus electric universe

2022 has been a huge year for the Electroverse - from new features to new partners - let’s take a peek at some of our favourite electric moments…


CO2 savings

As we know, driving electric means less pollution and fewer CO2 emissions. With each charge, the EV community saves CO2 from being pumped into the atmosphere, and 2022 was a huge year for CO2 savings in the Electroverse.

From December 2021 to December 2022, the Electroverse community has saved around the equivalent of CO2 that 33,602 octopuses weigh! That’s a lot of ink!

Calling David and Sarah...

Our favourite thing has been watching the Electroverse community grow in the past year - why?

The Electroverse is always expanding, and we rely on community feedback to help us develop the app and create new features to make your public charging experience that bit easier.

And if you’re called either David or Sarah, we’ve welcomed you more than any other name!

Image shows Octopus electroverse partners in 2022

Electroverse partners with...

Our goal has always been to make public charging simple. One app. One card. Hundreds of thousands of chargers.

Fortunately, in the past twelve months, the Electroverse has made this a reality.

Since December 2021, Electroverse has partnered with 325 new charging networks (making that 600 total)!

These include a few familiar names: Last Miles Solutions, Ubitricity, Source London, GeniePoint, Fastned, MFG EV Power, and more...

How many charge points..?!

With a year of exciting partnerships come charge points, and in the past year, the Electroverse has expanded by 86,419 compatible charge points across the UK and beyond!

This brings our stratospheric total of compatible charge points to 381,680!

Making international road trips a reality - don’t believe us..? Read the Electroverse driving stories found in our new Community section!

Image shows Octopus Electric Universe mascot, Zapman, using the public charging network to charge EV

You requested it, so we built it...

2022 has also been a year for cool features across the Electroverse app and web. From in-app charging to a brand new community section, a lot of these features were requested by you, the EV community. Here are a few of our favourites:

Add a photo - View and upload photos of charge points, so you know what to expect before you arrive!

Add your EV - Register your EV by adding your number plate (to the app or web) and automatically filter the map to suit your EV’s features

Route Planner - Although this feature is not fully integrated within the Electroverse app yet, you are still able to access it via the web. Select your starting location, destination, desired waypoints, and how much charge you will start and end your journey on. To make your journey even easier, you can send the route to Google and Apple Maps on your phone.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - Launched in December 2022, this handy feature enables users to search and navigate to chargers directly from their EV!

In-app charging - Start - and stop - a charging session from within the Electroverse app. All you need to do is plug in!

A place for the EV community

In May 2022, we launched the Electroverse community section - a place for everything EV! From information blogs to EV life hacks (submitted by our community users), there's a lot to explore, read and contribute to.

Here are a few of our favourite blogs for you to get stuck into:

What affects your EV charging speed?

Electroverse features you should know (part 2)

London to Montenegro (3,500-mile EV road trip)

EV life hacks

EV charging station etiquette

Image showing the Electric Universe mascot Zapman using the Electric Universe app

That's all for 2022 - thanks for taking us along for the ride! Here's to another electric year!


Feeling enlightened or do you think something was missing? Let us know by sharing your feedback.

Interested in learning more? Head over to our Electroverse Community area for more electrifying content.