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February 2024
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March 2024

Octopus Electroverse photo competition winners - February 2024

Most eye-catching - Feb 24 - photo comp

Thank you to everyone who submitted a charger photo in February! It was a very mild month, with Europe's temperatures averaging at 3.30°C above the 1991-2020 average. This increase is an important reminder to keep fighting climate change and go green, and switching to electric is a great way to help!

The Electroverse Community were out and about this month, taking awesome photos and submitting them to our app. Here are our winners!

If you'd like to enter our March draw, check out our blog Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition, for all the details.

Let's get plugged in...


Favourite firsts...

  1. Imany was one of our favourite firsts this month and has been credited 30€ to their Electroverse account! Their polished and helpful photo was taken in Biesenthal, just North of bustling Berlin.

imanynordstern - feb first winner

2. Our second favourite first was won by Maria and they too have been credited £30 into their Electroverse account! Taken in Milton Keynes, with the bright winter sun reflected in the building behind - take a look:

mariaviscogliosi - feb first winner
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Top tip!

When taking a picture of the charge point, make sure you're outside of your EV with a clear view of the charger or the surrounding area - as long as it's clear and relevant, we'll love it!

Best seasonal photo

Gerard, our best seasonal photo winner, took this grey shot and has been credited 30€ to their Electroverse account!

Here is the charging EV, sat in front of a church with its spire pointing to the sun, just outside of Stuttgart, Germany:

Best seasonal photo - Feb 24 - photo comp

Most eye-catching photo...

Won by Jonathan, who has been credited with £30 to their Electroverse account.

This photo was taken in Grange-over-Sands, a few miles South of the gorgeous Lake District! Take a look:

Most eye-catching - Feb 24 - photo comp
purple/pink charging lead divider

Next month's competition is now open!

If you'd like to read more about these changes or find out how to enter the draw, check out our blog Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition for all the details.


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