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April 24

Octopus Electroverse photo competition winners - March 2024

Alexander - seasonal pic March 2024 - blog header

Thank you to everyone who submitted a charger photo in March! Can you believe we're this far through the year already?

As always, the Electroverse Community were out snapping great shots and submitting them to our app - make sure you keep it up! Here are our winners of the month!

If you'd like to enter our April draw, check out our blog Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition, for all the details.

Let's get plugged in...


Favourite firsts...

  1. Taken by Tomasz in the South of the Netherlands - near the city Eindhoven. This ‘favourite first’ provides a great example of the photographs we’re looking for! With the charger in clear view and the EV user outside of the car (appreciating the sunny weather!), this is a great picture.

    Thank you Tomasz, £30 has been credited to your account!

tyltom fave first 1 - march 2024

2. This charge point photo was taken near the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, England. Oliver also perfectly displays the charge point and parking sign - plus he demonstrates the use of his own cables, reminding EV road trippers not to forget theirs!

Thanks for helping your fellow EV users Oliver, you have won £30 charging credit.

oliver fave first 2 - march 24
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Top tip!

When taking a picture of the charge point, make sure you're outside of your EV with a clear view of the charger or the surrounding area - as long as it's clear and relevant, we'll love it!

Best seasonal photo

Alexander has been credited £30 for this scenic shot!

Whilst Spring is approaching, the weather has still been very up and down - with sun one minute and rain the next, this sunset shot with the looming grey clouds is an accurate depiction of the weather to the West of York (where this photo was taken) and the rest of the UK!

Alexander - seasonal pic March 2024 - blog header

Most eye-catching photo...

Kamil has won £30 charging credit which has been credited to his Electroverse account!

On the border between Poland and Germany, Kamil took a nighttime photo of these pretty pink chargers. Their bright glow reminds us of our Electroverse colours! Check it out:

kamil - eye-catching - march 24
purple/pink charging lead divider

Next month's competition is now open!

If you'd like to read more about these changes or find out how to enter the draw, check out our blog Electroverse Monthly Photo Competition for all the details.


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